Hit-and-run Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Last month, a Florida motorcyclist was struck and killed by a car in a hit-and-run accident. His motorcycle erupted into flames following impact with an SUV, which immediately fled the scene. After weeks of investigation, the culprit responsible for this senseless death has yet to be apprehended. The victim’s family members have made extensive efforts to discover who caused their loss, handing out flyers asking witnesses to come forward and offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. Losing a loved one is painful, and not understanding how a family member or friend died can make coming to terms with the death even more difficult.

Motorcycle Accidents are Treated Differently under the Law

The team of personal injury attorneys at Fasig & Brooks has extensive experience handling motorcycle accidents cases, and we know the different standards that are applied to motorcycles under the law and on the road. The slightest negligence or lack of care by drivers can result in severe injuries for a hapless motorcyclist. Our experience has taught us that in order to present a compelling motorcycle injury case, we must not only show the negligent acts of the driver involved, but also the unique challenges that our motorcyclist clients encounter on the road.

Hit-and-Run Accidents Present Special Complications

Under Florida law, drivers involved in a crash that results in serious bodily injury are required to immediately stop their vehicle and remain at the scene of the crash. When a driver fails to stop after an accident, especially one that resulted in serious injury or death, they may face severe punishments. In spite of this obligation to stop, nearly 25% of crashes in Florida are hit-and-runs. If you or someone you care about has been involved in a hit-and-run accident, and the responsible party has not yet been located, we can still help you. In many cases, your own insurance company can be made to cover your medical expenses.

Any motorcyclist or bicyclist who has sustained injuries because of a driver’s negligence should be compensated fully and justly. Our talented team of Tallahassee accident lawyers can help you secure the compensation to which you are entitled, using proven strategies. We will present your case in the strongest possible light, giving an accurate portrayal of the traumatic event that occurred, while highlighting the unique aspects of accidents involving motorcycles. In a personal injury case involving a motorcycle accident, we will take the opportunity to emphasize the negligence of the other party and its compounded impact on relatively vulnerable motorcyclists. We will paint a clear picture of the challenges that motorcycle drivers face on the road, giving juries a perspective that will allow them to judge the facts and circumstances of an accident more accurately.

Advocating for Florida’s motorcyclists

At Fasig & Brooks, we know that motorcyclists have to work at asserting their rights on the road, and we are dedicated to doing the same for you in court. Call or text us at (850) 222-3232 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation in the Tallahassee area.