Tallahassee Auto Accident Ends in Tragedy

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Each year thousands of people are killed or injured in automobile accidents across the country. Recently, Florida endured another tragic loss due to an automobile accident in Tallahassee. According to the Sun Sentinel, three young adults barely into their twenties were struck on the passenger side of their PT Cruiser while making a left turn near West Pensacola Street in Tallahassee, killing all three passengers. The driver of the other car was also hurt and suffered non-life threatening injuries as a result of the accident. Tragic accidents, such as this one, leave the community grieving for all those injured or killed and remind us of the potential danger on our roadways, even when traveling at relatively lower speed.

Automobile Accident Statistics: Nationwide and Florida

Nationwide, each year approximately 30,000 people are killed as a result of an automobile accident. This year has been one of the deadliest in terms of traffic deaths according to the National Safety Council. With respect to Florida, and more specifically Leon County, the following automobile accidents and related injuries have occurred this year (through September 2015):

  • Automobile accidents: Statewide (252,740), Leon County (4,718)
  • Injuries from automobile accidents: Statewide (164, 950), Leon County (2,527)
  • Deaths as a result of automobile accidents: Statewide (1,856), Leon County (21)

While no monetary value can adequately represent the loss of life or debilitating injury in terms of quality of life, economically, the rise in automobile accident-related injury and death has spiked the costs that result from automobile accidents such as ongoing medical care, loss of earnings, property damage, and other expenses, which have been reported to be 24 percent higher than recent years and approaching $152 billion for this year alone.

Dealing with a Serious Automobile Accident

A majority of automobile accidents are related to the negligence of one or more drivers. If someone causes an automobile accident as a result of careless driving or violating traffic laws they are responsible for the losses caused by their negligence. Losses include lost income, medical expenses, property damages, and noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. Practically speaking, the negligent driver’s insurance company will be responsible for defending the negligent driver and paying for damages as required by the applicable insurance policy. However, the negligent driver’s assets may also help satisfy any judgment that might be obtained as result of a legal action for their negligence.

Advocates for those Affected by Fatal Automobile Accidents

If you have lost someone as a result of a fatal automobile accident you will need the help of an experienced advisor to help you handle the challenges that this type of tragedy can bring, including recovering for your economic losses. Contact the experienced professionals and automobile accident attorneys at the Tallahassee Law Firm of Fasig & Brooks. Our attorneys have years of experience and know how to help advocate for those suffering loss as a result of an automobile accident. Call Fasig & Brooks today for an initial no-cost consultation at (850) 222-3232