Fighting Back Against Medical Malpractice Injustice: Taking It to the Streets

Never give up. Never surrender.

That’s what the family and friends of Norma Cook are doing. Even though it has been several years since her death, her loved ones are still working for a change. Darleen DePaolo writes on her petition:

Florida’s hospitals are full of unmarried adults with no children under 25, and full of retired people without spouses. Young people are putting off marriage longer than they used to and we have a huge elderly population who have lost a spouse, divorced, or never married. Why does Florida law allow them to be killed by medical negligence without recourse? The answer is simple. It’s because the medical, hospital, and insurance industries in Florida are very politically powerful. They lobby and they donate and they are given what they want in the name of “tort reform” and the false battle cry of eliminating frivolous lawsuits. As with most so-called “tort reforms,” such legislation is not really aimed at “frivolous” cases but at legitimate cases.

Sometimes, it just takes one person willing to keep going until justice is done.

The petition is here, at