This Week on Lawcall™ – Landlords Vs Tenants

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This Week On LawCall™ — Landlords vs Tenants

Disputes between landlords and tenants are nothing new. But, many problems can be avoided if both parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities. What basic rights does someone renting a house or apartment have? What responsibilities do landlords have? What does the law say about your security deposit? What are the rules regarding an eviction? Who is liable when an injury occurs at a rental property?

If you have a question about your rights as a landlord or as a tenant, tune in to LawCall™ this Sunday, when Tallahassee personal injury attorney Kimmy Stewart and her guest, attorney David Abrams, will answering your questions about landlord vs tenant disputes.

Who Is Responsible- The Landlord or the Tenant?

The Landlord

  • Must follow all building codes. If there are no applicable building codes, the landlord must maintain the building, including but not limited to: all structural elements, windows and screens, floors and steps;
  • Must, if other than a single family home or duplex, make reasonable provisions for extermination of pests and rodents;
  • Keep the plumbing in working condition, ensuring there is running cold and hot water.
  • Ensure there is heat during the winter.
  • Provide for garbage receptacles and removal.
  • Provide locks and keys to doors and mailbox.
  • The landlord’s obligations may be altered or modified in writing when renting a single family dwelling or duplex.

The Tenant

  • Must pay rent in a timely manner, according to the terms of the lease.
  • Must comply with all health codes and keep the building clean.
  • Must remove garbage from the dwelling in a timely manner.
  • May not destroy, deface, damage, or remove any part of the property belonging to the landlord, nor permit any person to do so.
  • Behave in a reasonable manner, and require all guests to do so as well, so as not to disturb neighbors.
  • Use and operate in a reasonable manner all facilities and appliances.

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