Tampon Tax’ Class Action Lawsuit Continues, Seeks Reimbursement of Back Taxes


Tallahassee, FL, June 6, 2017– ‘Tampon Tax’ lawsuit seeks repayment of previously collected taxes on feminine hygiene products as well as elimination of the tax; new law sidesteps issue of repayment of unconstitutional tax to Florida women.

Almost one year after a lawsuit seeking to end the ‘Tampon Tax’ and demanding restitution for previously collected taxes was filed against the state of Florida, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the repeal of a state sales tax on feminine hygiene products. However, the new law doesn’t address how to repay Florida women for the taxes the state has been collecting for years. Because of state laws concerning tax reparations, litigation is the only way in which a refund of taxes can be returned to them.

“We’re encouraged by Governor Scott’s signing of this long overdue bill,” said Dana Brooks Cooper, one of the personal injury attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. “but we continue with our lawsuit.” Brooks Cooper said that her clients would continue to seek restitution for back taxes. “Women in Florida have been charged an unfair and unconstitutional tax for decades. It’s not enough to end the tax; women deserve- and are demanding- to get their money back.”

Women interested in joining the class action lawsuit should contact Tallahassee attorney Rose Kasweck of Fasig & Brooks at (850) 222-3232.