Sexual Assault and Harassment in Tallahassee

Sexual assault and harassment cases have been all over the national news—actors, politicians, coaches; it’s everywhere.

Tallahassee, and Florida in general, has not been immune. Already this year there have been sexual assault scandals in both the Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Recently, a TPD officer sexually assaulted a motorist during a traffic stop, and a Leon County Sheriff’s deputy did the same to a participant in a ride-along.

In Wakulla County, a student committed suicide last year after being sexually abused by a female teacher. Another Wakulla County teacher was arrested this year for sexual molestation and battery.

During this year’s legislative Session, our law makers allowed a bill meant to protect victims of human-trafficking founder and lose support in committee.

Clearly these institutions—ones we trust to protect ourselves and our children—schools, law enforcement, elected public servants—are not learning from their mistakes and are not hearing the voices of the victims. If they were, these crimes would not be happening over and over.

If they were listening, they would be doing something about it by now.

And these are just the incidences we have heard of. When the perpetrator is someone in a position of trust—a teacher or a police officer, who puts on a great public face—it is even hard to speak up. The teacher that was accused was probably someone else’s favorite teacher. The law enforcement officer has probably received a commendation in his job. That doesn’t mean they didn’t cause harm. That doesn’t meant they should be allowed to cause harm. And that doesn’t mean there’s no hope of justice for their accusers.

At Fasig | Brooks we understand that sexual discrimination and assault occurs in all walks of life. We know it can happen to anybody, in any situation. We’re not afraid to take on law enforcement organizations, schools, hospitals—or anyone. No institution is untouchable when it comes to holding them responsible for the safety of everyone they hold a duty to.