What is the Average Case Value of a Broken Finger?

From 75 randomly selected cases taken from jury verdict research of cases across the State of Florida (Fig. 1), statistical analyses revealed an average sample case value of $77,372.02 for a given broken finger. However, this sample showed a range of possible case values between $0, or a defense verdict, and $1,193,164.

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As we analyzed the sample, we noticed two values which stood out from the normal trend of the data. These values, referred to as “outliers”, are values that are significantly higher (or lower) than the average trend in a given sample. In this sample, those two values were $590,000 and $1,193,164. Removing these values and defense verdicts, which have a $0 value, we find a more representative average sample case value of $78,847.31 for any given case in the sample.

The pie graph above (Fig. 1) shows how we have distinguished the data into geographic regions so we can better analyze and compare them. The Orlando region was made of cases in Orange County and Osceola County, and the Rest-of-State region was made of cases excluding the Orlando region.

Of the six cases in the Orlando region, we calculated an average case value, including the $590,000 outlier and defense verdicts, of $100,146.83. Excluding the outlier and defense verdicts, we found an average case value of $3,627. This is a great example of how important it is to calculate average case values with and without possible outliers. In the sixty-nine cases making up the Rest-of-State region, we saw an average case value of $74,270.27 including the $1,193,164 outlier and defense verdicts. Excluding these measures, the average case value rises to $83,648.61. The average case value rises, even though we removed the outlier, because defense verdicts are removed allowing for a smaller number of larger case values to be averaged.

The average case value for a certain type of injury reveals little about the value of any case. For more complete information about how to place a value on any case, please visit our “What is my case worth?” blogs.

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