The Average Pain and Suffering Awarded in Relation to Other Economic Damages in Herniated Disc Cases?

One of the central pieces of a case for an injured client is the reparations from the defendant for the client’s pain and suffering. Even though the defendant, or the defendant’s insurance company, compensates for medical bills and other economic damages, there’s always the component of the loss of enjoyment of a client’s life which stemmed from their injuries.

To determine the average amounts of pain and suffering given to a client in conjunction with the average amount of economic damages they received, we analyzed 665 cases which specified pain and suffering amounts and other economic damages amounts from 37 different case topics. These topics ranged from physical injuries such as a broke femur or amputated leg to psychological issues incurred by rape or racial discrimination. Through this analysis, we determined the average amount of economic damages awarded and the average amount of pain and suffering awarded for herniated disc injuries.

In herniated disc cases, we calculated an average of the economic damages of 32 cases. This average was $99,556. The average award for pain and suffering in the herniated disc cases we analyzed was $115,176. The economic damages were equated to 86.44% of the pain and suffering award average; the pain and suffering award average was 15.69% greater than the average award of economic damages.

Economic v Pain damages graph

Figure 1. This figure shows the percentage of economic damages awards in relation to pain and suffering compensation. The blue band at the bottom represents the 86.44% of the total amount of pain and suffering, which is in orange.

Herniated disc cases involving an uninsured motorist where the defendant was an insurance company showed an average of the economic damages of $117,815.86 and the average award for pain and suffering was $90,460.76. The amount of economic damages equated to 130.24% of the amount of pain and suffering because the economic damages were greater than the award amount for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering was 23.22% less than the award for economic damages.

Herniated graph

Figure 2. This bar graph shows the comparison of economic damages to pain and suffering.

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