What is It Like to Intern at a Fasig Brooks Law Offices?

Whether it’s going to observe a mediation or going to court, interning at Fasig|Brooks always manages to keep me on my toes. As a high school student, it is extremely difficult to find a place of work that is willing to hire someone under the age of 18. However, Fasig|Brooks embraces young people and is willing to show them the ropes. Working here has been many firsts for me, including my first real job. That being said, in June 2018, I walked through the doors of Fasig|Brooks with my only work experience being babysitting. Everyone here welcomed me with open arms and helped me learn what it means to be a lawyer.

Before working here, I assumed lawyers only researched, argued, wrote papers, and wore suits to work every day. While that is part of the job, the lawyers here go above and beyond. So, what are the lawyers at Fasig|Brooks like? They are genuine people who have a passion to help others. They are always meeting with clients and getting to know both the client and the client’s family. The lawyers at Fasig|Brooks are also dedicated to client satisfaction and go the extra mile to prove it. Fasig|Brooks is a family and as soon as you reach out to them you will become part of this family. They will fight until your legal issue has been resolved.

From my experience, everyone here is pleasant to work with and is happy to help in any way possible. Fasig|Brooks is truly a team and everyone plays a vital part in making sure everything runs smoothly and effectively. I can surely attest to this, because when I have a question or do not know how to do something, anyone in the office will stop what they are doing and help me. Without a doubt, I can guarantee that everyone at Fasig|Brooks will offer that same assistance to you.

Before concluding, I would like each young person to know this. Find a mentor and a place to gain experience in the field you one day aspire to work in. Those two things are so extremely valuable and will carry you far. When you meet someone who works in the field you have an interest in, go talk to them and ask if you can volunteer or if they take interns at their office. I would not be working here today if I had let the opportunity to ask Mrs. Dana about an internship slip away.

Interning here this summer has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am grateful for each person who works at Fasig|Brooks and I am extremely thankful for Mrs. Dana, for giving me this amazing opportunity and taking time to explain many legal scenarios and what the legal effects could be. She has also let me observe mediation, trial, and meetings to learn, first-hand, what it is like to be a successful, female, attorney. Working at Fasig|Brooks has been an interesting experience for me and definitely an experience that I will never forget.

Ed. Note: Elizabeth came to us via Ladies Learning to Lead, an organization that “provides professional leadership development training and life skills to young ladies in middle and high school. Our focus is to prepare young ladies through opportunities where they feel challenged, respected and accountable to strive to meet the demands of life.” Elizabeth is a senior in high school and is dual enrolled in our local community college. She is an exceptional young woman, deeply involved in her school and the community. (She was recently elected Senior Class Vice President, and already has a plan of action in place!)

Elizabeth plans on pursuing a career in political science and the law. We are quite sure that, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be the ones proudly saying, “I know Elizabeth Hughes.”