The Power of Love: Appreciate the People Around You

Most people have heard the adage, “Love what you do, and the money will follow.” There is some truth to that, because loving what you do makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning. It is a motivator, but it’s not the biggest motivator. Loving what you do must be combined with loving the people you serve. It’s important to recognize that, in any business, the people you serve are not only your customers, but also your staff and co-workers, your family, and yourself. That’s a lot of love to spread around. But too many businesses fail because the business owners don’t appreciate the people who contribute to the business’ success.

Nothing can derail a business more than disgruntled employees. Disgruntled employees don’t love what they do, and they don’t love the people they serve. They might go through the motions, but their unhappiness is an infection that can spread. On the other hand, nothing can uplift a business more than staff and partners who share a common goal and a common affection for each other. I love my partners and co-workers. I want to make them proud. I want them to be excited to come to work, and to be a part of something that changes people’s lives. I want to change their lives in a positive way.My advice to anyone wanting greater success and happiness in their life: Love your family, love your job, love your co-workers, and love the people you serve. Love them with all your heart. Your success is guaranteed.