The Power of Love: Family and Work

It was cold outside this morning, but under my fluffy quilt it was warm and cozy. I love mornings like that, when everything seems snug and peaceful in my world. For a few minutes I thought about taking the day off from work and staying right where I was. Then, I started thinking about my clients who need help getting to the right doctors and getting their property damage issues taken care of, my partners and co-workers who are counting on me to help make the business profitable, and my family who is counting on me to make enough money to afford the trip to Turks and Caicos for spring break that I promised them.

So, I peeled myself away from the bed and took a shower.

A business owner’s family is often the driving force behind their success. Family can be the biggest motivator that can compel people to heights they never dreamed possible. I’ve heard others speak of the necessity of separating business from family, but the most successful people I know care deeply about their families and utilize their business as a means to a greater and more fulfilling family life.

As an example, my family and I take a lot of vacations. Over the years, I have noticed a trend that I find incredibly fascinating. Every time I go on a big vacation with my family, I end up settling a big case. I’m a personal injury lawyer, and almost every multi-million dollar recovery I have ever gotten, I closed the deal while on vacation or when something exciting was happening with my family. My first multi-million dollar settlement came the day my wife went into labor with my first child. I settled one multi-million dollar case minutes after I had swam with whale sharks in Cancun. I settled another while I was in Venice, Italy with my wife.

I don’t want you to think I spent my vacation on the phone the whole time. To the contrary, a phone call or two and the deals were done. I have my theories as to why this happens the way it does, but the net result is, by taking care of myself and my family, I have realized greater success in every other area of my life.

As the hot water washed over me this morning, I thought about the strange power that compelled me to get out of my cozy bed: The power of love. I am completely convinced it is the key to a successful and happy life. Now, some people don’t believe this. Some don’t understand it. But, if you recognize the power of love and learn to harness it and use it to the benefit of everyone in your life, nothing can stop you from attaining your greatest desires.