The Power of Love: the Key to Business Success

The power of love is the number one key to business success. Yes, it sounds corny, but there is no other way to say it. You’ve got to love what you do, love your co-workers, and most importantly, love the people you serve. I’m putting it out there right now that if you do all those things, your business – any business – will succeed in a big way.

Everyone is looking for that next great idea, the next best way to build a mouse trap, so that they can package it and sell it and become wealthy. And yet, very few people become successful with that approach. So how are people getting rich in every field of business; plumbers, electricians, yard service people, contractors, sales people, etc.? Even though they might not know it, or they would never say it in the way I’m saying it, the vast majority of people with thriving businesses are the ones who harness and use the power of love.

The most successful businesses are fiercely dedicated to customer service. Repeat business is driven by referrals. If you don’t truly care about the people you serve, you may go through the motions, but the level of service you provide will fall short of your competitor, who actually cares. I’ll never forget when I was a law clerk at Eubanks & Barrett, a personal injury law firm. I had left some client phone messages on my desk and didn’t call them back. One of the partners noticed this. His face turned red, and his chest bowed out. He practically yelled, “This is a service business.” That’s all he had to say.

When you care deeply about the people you serve, they not only forgive your mistakes, but they become raving fans if you handle the mistake with love. As an example, I was eating in Emeril’s restaurant in Orlando. I ordered a steak, which was not good. As soon as I pushed my plate away, a swarm of people came to the table, the waiter, the manager, and another guy. “Mr. Fasig, was there something wrong with the steak?” I explained that I didn’t care for it. “Allow us to bring you something that will blow your mind.” They took away the steak, and within a minute or two they have replaced it with a delicious ribeye with a mushroom wine sauce. “By the way, we are taking your plate and your Mojito off the bill. We hope you enjoy the rest of your experience with us.”

Emeril’s staff cared so much about my experience that they turned me from a potential detractor into a raving fan. I tell this story all the time, and I go to Emeril’s every time I get the chance. Plus, I’m pretty sure at least some people have gone there because of my story.

That’s the power of love.