The Importance of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles are becoming more popular each year, and so are accidents involving motorcycles.  Motorcycle accidents almost always cause injury since there’s little protection for the rider.  Because of the increased possibility of injury, it’s important for both riders and drivers to know how to reduce the risk of an accident.

The most common cause of a motorcycle accident is failure by a driver of another vehicle to yield the right of way to the rider.  This is especially true at intersections when the driver is making a left-hand turn in the face of an oncoming motorcycle.  Many times, a driver gives a quick cursory glance and fails to notice the rider and the motorcycle.  Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is unsafe driving conditions like rain, snow, or debris in the roadway, or potholes and uneven roads.

Florida has enacted laws to help protect riders, including requiring riders under 21 to wear a helmet. Riders over 21 without a certain amount of medical coverage must wear a helmet as well.  Additionally, Florida has banned the practice of lane splitting.  (Lane splitting is when a motorcycle drives between two cars to pass them.) This can be very dangerous, as many times other drivers don’t see the motorcycle as it weaves through traffic.

In addition to following these laws, there are other ways riders- and drivers- can help prevent motorcycle accidents.  Riders can wear bright, reflective clothing, and drive with their headlights on, so drivers can better see them.  Drivers can make sure they aren’t distracted by other activities while driving, so they don’t miss sighting a motorcycle.  Both drivers and riders can be sure to abide by posted speed limits and use their turn signals to help reduce motorcycle accidents.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen.  What’s more, many riders don’t realize their car insurance won’t cover their motorcycle or their injuries if they’re in a motorcycle accident.  This can be devastating, especially because motorcycle accidents tend to cause so much more damage and injury. That’s why it’s important for riders to obtain insurance coverage specifically for their motorcycle, including uninsured motorist coverage, to make sure there is money available for them to seek treatment.

Insurance companies love to blame motorcycle riders for accidents in which they are involved.  They often claim that if you ride a motorcycle, you assume the risk of whatever happens.  That’s why you need an experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney who can stand up to the insurance companies, protect your rights, and obtain the just compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, don’t let the insurance companies blame you – call the attorneys at Fasig Brooks today.