Jimmy Fasig Vs. Dana Brooks | Who Knows Each Other Better?

In which Jimmy and Dana battle each over in a fun trivia game to see who knows each other best. They went through multiple categories to really put each other to the test!

Jimmy: This will be awesome.


Jimmy: I think I got this.

Dana: Oh, I know I got mine.

Dana: Your favorite is Sage.

Jimmy: Angelos?

Dana: Hm, It’s a top one.

Jimmy: But, it’s not what came to your mind, is it?

Dana: Well, I don’t know what would have come to my mind.

Jimmy: Well, see you had to have the answer before you looked.

Dana: I was focused on your answer, which I nailed.

Jimmy: Of course you’re not going to be able to miss that one!


Jimmy: Oh, that’s easy.

Dana: Not for you it isn’t.

Jimmy: No, actually I don’t know. Wait a minute.

Dana: Well, mine changes all the time, yours is rather fixed.

Jimmy: I know this, I don’t know.

Dana: Mandela’s first name, Nelson.

Jimmy: Dana Nelson, that right. Dana Nelson Brooks.

Dana: There you go. Yours is Edward?

Jimmy: Yes, yes you got me.


Dana: I should know this.

Jimmy: I know this one. I got this.

Dana: Hot, 60% of the time.

Jimmy: Oh wow, she is hedging her bets right there. I know she likes iced.

Dana: I am 100% iced.

Jimmy: I always like it hot, so I am going to say you got that one wrong.

Dana: Ok, mine was wrong.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah I always like it hot.

Dana: Ok, well that is helpful, I always go through and try to get it.

Jimmy: Now you know.


Jimmy: I am going with sweet.

Dana: You like spicy. Mr. Thai hot.

Jimmy: Yeah, was I right about this?

Dana: Hm, I go either way, I don’t have a preference. I would say it was neutral or correct. But obviously not as correct as mine.

-Question- Cat or dog person?

Jimmy: Yeah, she’s got me down. Yeah, dog for sure.

Dana: Same.

-Question- Morning or night person?

Jimmy: I know exactly what the deal is here. That is beyond easy and she’s got me.

Dana: Yeah, morning. He is a morning guy.

Jimmy: Yeah, she is a night person, for sure.


Dana: I don’t know. This is going to be a guess.

Jimmy: Ok, I am just going back in my mind, when she seems the happiest. I am going to say, Summer.

Dana: I am going to say Spring for you.

Jimmy: Yeah, you are right.

Dana: Yeah, you are too. That is accurate.

Jimmy: Yes, Boom.


Jimmy: Hmm, these days?

Dana: You have more of a routine than I do. I change myself up sometimes.

Jimmy: If I am looking for Dana, where I am going to go? I mean you are kind of slippery. You are hard to catch up with sometimes.

Dana: Find my car. Track my phone down.

Jimmy: I am just going to keep it real. Boom. House. She’s a homebody these days.

Dana: Yeah. And you, Starbucks.

Jimmy: No, no, wrong.

Dana: That’s where everyone runs into and meets you. Everyone sees him there, he has to live there.

Jimmy: That’s because I haven’t told you about my new coffee machine, that I use everyday and it grinds the coffee for you.

Dana: Your baristas must be devastated.