Summer Safety

Summer is upon us and that means enjoying the weather- but at the same time staying safe and preventing accidents.

With school out for the summer, there are a lot more children that are out and about. While you should always stay alert when driving, summer means being extra careful because of the kids playing near (and on) the streets, biking and walking, and skateboarding.

If you are on a boat, make sure you have safety equipment and the appropriate insurance. Have a checklist that you go through before you depart to make sure you have everything you need. Always remember to have a back up driver as well when on the water, don’t forget to hydrate and, please, don’t drink too much.

If you are having summer parties and have a pool, think about hiring a lifeguard. It is always smart to have someone there that is sober, aware, and trained for emergencies when you and your friends and family are enjoying themselves. Even hiring an off-duty police officer can help with making sure people don’t get out of hand. Keep in mind the responsibility you hold when you host people and have parties. Make sure you are covering that responsibility by making smart decisions.

Make sure you comply with all local and state ordinances if you have a pool. Check gating regulations and ensure that you have safety equipment. If you are adventurous and are on an ATV, a four wheeler, or jet skis – which are basically jazzed up motorcycles for the land and sea – be careful, stay aware, and have a buddy with you at all times. Make sure you have had a basic safety course, because while they are fun they can be dangerous. Every year, many people are killed on ATVs and jet skis.

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