The Fasig Brooks Attorney-client Relationship

In our firm, we are fiercely dedicated to developing the attorney-client relationship. Not only is it the right thing to do, but that is how we get better settlements and better results for our client’s cases.

We can’t properly advocate for our clients if we don’t know the client. One of the major elements of your damages that you’re entitled to collect, if you’ve been injured by someone’s carelessness, is pain, suffering, inconvenience and the loss of mental capacity for the enjoyment of life. If we don’t know how this has affected you- if we haven’t had a chance to get to know you and understand how it has impacted your daily life – we can’t advocate for those elements of your damages.

Secondly, the attorney client relationship is critical in allowing the attorney to guide you through your medical procedures. We need to send you to doctors that are willing to testify on your behalf if necessary, willing to write reports if necessary, and who are willing to send you to the diagnostic studies that are going to be needed to be able to properly treat you, and also to properly be able to prove your case. If you go to doctors that hate lawyers, hate litigation, and will not do anything to cooperate with us in trying to prove your case, then we’ve effectively allowed you to torpedo your case. Staying in contact with us throughout your recovery can avoid future problems.

Lastly, and probably the most critical part of successfully resolving your case, is that lawyers and clients need to be able to trust each other. When my client knows that I have taken into consideration all of the factors that have affected his or her life, and really listened and gotten to know them, they know I’ve see that client not just as another case but as a person. When my client and I trust each other, they know that if I tell them the settlement value of the case I’ve taken into account all the aspects of their case, understanding not only their physical issues but also their emotional pain. Jimmy Fasig:
The other side of that is I want the clients to know that I’ve really put consideration into the settlement value of the case, so that I’m giving them good advice, and then I also want them to know that at some times, we’re going to want to litigate the case. It’s in my client’s best interest to litigate the case and go to trial, and they need to be able to trust me when I give them that advice.

So for all of those reasons, and more that I haven’t listed here, the attorney client relationship is critical in the personal injury business. Here at Fasig Brooks, we put our clients first.

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