Who is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida?

Who is the best personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida?  It depends on circumstances, because all lawyers have their strengths and weaknesses.  Most personal injury attorneys are passionate about particular types of cases, and many of them have experience or expertise in particular types of personal injury cases.  For instance, we have one lawyer in our firm who is passionate about motorcycle accident cases, and another lawyer who focuses on slip and fall cases.  One of our lawyers considers himself a car accident lawyer.  The smart personal injury client will go with a lawyer who has developed somewhat of a specialty in that client’s particular type of case.

It’s also important to choose a lawyer with whom you feel a connection.  A lawyer who does an amazing job for somebody he or she really cares about might not do a great job for someone he or she doesn’t like.  The number one most important factor when choosing a personal injury lawyer is whether the lawyer cares about you.  As a personal injury lawyer, you cannot effectively advocate for somebody you don’t have a genuine relationship with.  For that reason, we make sure our attorneys give their cell phone numbers to every client, and I, the managing partner, give my cell phone number to every single client of Fasig Brooks in case they can’t get ahold of the lawyer assigned to their case.  We also reach out to every client at least once a month to update them on the case and find out how they’re doing.  Although we are busy practicing law, going to court, and negotiating settlements, we make sure we don’t take on so many cases that we can’t build and maintain a relationship with our clients.

The last, but probably most important factor, is whether the lawyer is willing and able to try your case.  The best personal injury attorneys try cases and win them.  Being able to try a case gives the lawyer confidence to negotiate the best possible settlement for his or her client, because the lawyer knows the client always has the option of going to trial and a high chance of success if the evidence supports the claim.  Again, no matter how skilled the lawyer is at going to trial, the lawyer has to really care about you to be willing to put the time and effort into trying the case, and to be able to persuade a jury to give you the full value of your case.

Bottom line, instead of asking who is the best personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, a better question is, who is the best lawyer for YOU.