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Rollover Accident On The Road

Rollover accidents occur across Florida, and Destin & Miramar Beach are no exception. However, when those accidents were caused by bad road signaling, someone else’s negligence, or lack of attention while driving, an attorney can help the victims to recover compensation for damages. 

The consequences of a rollover accident can vary, but catastrophic injuries and damage to property are common. But, getting compensation can help the victims and their families pay medical and therapy bills. Learn how a rollover accident attorney serving Destin and Miramar beach can help you rebuild your life after a rollover accident.

What to Do After a Rollover Accident in Destin & Miramar Beach to Claim Damages

Filing a claim for damages in Destin & Miramar Beach requires evidence and a solid case. And insurance companies often try to diminish or deny rollover accident claims. But there are some actions you can do to attend to your injuries and protect your right to pursue damages.

  • Get medical attention. Medical care is costly in most of Florida, but it is important for your health. Also, any emergency service or doctor appointment leaves a record that can help your rollover attorney in court.
  • Collect evidence. You can use your phone to take pictures of the rollover accident, the vehicles involved, their plates, and your injuries.
  • Exchange contact information. Your lawyer can use that information to contact the responsible parties and witnesses to build a stronger case.
  • Talk only to your rollover attorney. Insurance adjusters can purposely twist your words to argue you are at fault for your injuries. 

An experienced rollover accident attorney can support your claim in many other ways. And take care of every aspect of the legal process while you rest to recover from injuries.

Compensation a Victim Can Get After a Rollover Accident in Destin & Miramar Beach

Many factors influence a victim’s compensation amount after a rollover accident. However, under Florida law, compensation should be enough for the victims to recover all their damages and take care of medical attention and rehabilitation therapy for as long as needed.

Victims are also entitled to pursue non-economic damages, which are difficult to calculate. An attorney can study your case and use legal resources to calculate the appropriate amount you can recover in a compensatory package, including economic and non-economic damages.

Statute of Limitations for Rollover Accidents in Florida

Florida’s statute of limitations for personal injuries, including rollover accident injuries, is four years. However, it is important to talk to your lawyer since circumstances can affect and reduce that period.

For instance, when a government entity causes a rollover accident, victims only have two years to file a claim, which can be crucial since those time frames are final. And trying to pursue damages after your time expires is nearly impossible. But an attorney can tell you exactly how much time you have left and prevent you from missing important dates.  

Wrongful Death in Beach Rollover Accidents in Destin & Miramar Beach

Deaths are present in many rollover accidents. In those cases, the victim’s close relatives can file a claim for the wrongful death of their loved one. That can help them take care of the medical bills the victim left but also cover any funerary and crematory expenses. An experienced attorney can also claim lost wages and any lost benefits for the family.  

Surviving family members of a wrongful death victim in a rollover accident are entitled to pursue damages. But only parents, adult children, and spouses can start a legal claim. It is also worth remembering that the statute of limitations for wrongful death in Florida is only two years. So talking to a lawyer may be the best way to proceed.   

Most Common Injuries in Rollover Accidents

Our attorneys have seen many rollover accident injuries through years of practice, some more common than others. These are some of the most common injuries we find:

  • Head and brain. Injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries are present when a vehicle rolls over since the occupants can hit the wheel roof and doors with their heads. 
  • Spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can be costly and devastating for the victims. That is because they can cause temporary or permanent paralysis and affect every aspect of a victim’s life. 
  • Broken bones. Rollover accidents can cause multiple fractures. Broken bones in fingers, arms, and ribs are common among the victims.
  • Soft tissue injuries. Some injuries are not immediately noticeable after a rollover accident. Unfortunately, that tends to be the case with soft tissue injuries. That’s why it is important to get medical attention right away. 
  • Psychological injuries. Victims who experienced serious injuries or those who lost a loved one in a rollover accident can develop depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is important to talk to an experienced rollover accident attorney. They can help you understand the Destin & Miramar Beach legal system, and your options after you or a loved one were injured.

Causes for Rollover Accidents in Destin & Miramar Beach

A rollover accident happens when a car, truck, or any motor vehicle loses control and ends up in an upside-down position or rolls on the road. Those accidents are particularly devastating when there are heavy trucks or 18-wheelers involved. But they can also be fatal, particularly for car drivers and occupants.

Rollover accidents can occur as a consequence of a negligent driver. For instance, when they drive under the influence, exceed speed limits, or ignore traffic signals. Also, weather conditions can increase the risk of a rollover accident. Negligent pedestrians or cyclists are another important cause of many Destin & Miramar Beach accidents.

Destin & Miramar Beach Rollover Accident Attorney Near You

Rollover accidents can cause financial struggle and catastrophic injuries to the victims. For example, medical treatment for a traumatic brain injury in Destin & Miramar Beach can cost thousands of dollars and take years or even decades to bring results. At the same time, some other injuries can be fatal and affect an entire family.However, victims are entitled to pursue damages from the liable parties. And an experienced rollover accident attorney can help them understand the complex legal process and find the best way to support their case. So contact one of our professional lawyers today, and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.