Intersection Accidents Attorney Florida

Drivers at intersections should follow the right of way while paying attention to any traffic signs or signals. Intersection accidents can be devastating, often resulting in catastrophic injuries. These car accidents are among the most deadly types of car crashes. Also known as T-bone accidents, intersection accidents make up more than 50% of fatal car crashes

If you suffer from severe injuries after a Florida intersection accident, you should speak to an attorney who can support you through this difficult time. Let your intersection accident lawyer find out who should be held liable for your wounds. To learn more about the process, speak to one of our dedicated attorneys today. Call Fasig | Brooks now for a free consultation with a car accident attorney

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What Causes Most Intersection Accidents in Florida? 

Intersection accidents can be avoided if drivers follow the right of way. Additionally, they should pay attention to the signs and signals at the intersection. Common ways intersection accidents happen include the following: 

Improper Lane Change

Improper lane changes can be punished with a citation, though they are technically not illegal. Drivers shouldn’t switch lanes until they can do so safely by checking that the lane has enough room for them to enter. It is also important for them to signal which direction they are heading by turning on their indicator. 

Ignoring Traffic Signs or Signals

Some drivers run red lights, resulting in cars colliding at an intersection. Sometimes drivers will try to drive through an amber signal but don’t make it in time. Drivers can prevent Florida intersection accidents by paying attention to traffic signals. 


When a driver is speeding, they may not be able to stop in time when approaching an intersection. They could end up plowing into a car that has the right of way. 

Ignoring Right Of Way

Drivers that ignore yield signs, stop signs, or other indicators can cause intersection accidents. For example, when making a U-turn, the drivers going straight have the right of way. The individual making the U-turn should wait for other drivers to pass rather than cut them off. 

Improper Turns

Making a turn at the wrong time can also cause an intersection collision. For example, if a driver makes a right turn when the oncoming traffic has a green light, they can cause an intersection accident. 

What Types of Damages Are Available for Intersection Accident Victims? 

Intersection accident victims are often stuck with serious wounds and expensive medical. These are just some of the damages they may be dealing with. Some of the non-economic and economic damages that intersection accident victims can obtain include the following:

Pain And Suffering 

Intersection accident victims may be dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions. These are a form of compensatable non-economic damages that an attorney will include in the settlement calculation. 

Lost Wages

Any wages you may have lost due to your accident can be compensated. The amount of pay you should have received in the past and future due to missing work days can be calculated and included in your settlement. 

Property Damage 

Car repairs can also be added to your total estimate. If your insurance company doesn’t cover your repairs, your personal injury settlement can instead. 

Medical Bills

Any necessary medical fees for your intersection accident injuries will be included in your settlement. This can be surgery, physical therapy, or medical devices like casts or braces. 

Common Intersection Accident Injuries 

You could end up with a variety of injuries because of your intersection accident. Some of those injuries can include: 

  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Burns
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Lacerations and bruises 

Why You Need an Intersection Accidents Lawyer

Intersection accident lawyers make sure you get the representation you need in such a dire time. The other party may deny that they owe you damages, which is why your attorney is such a great asset. Our law firm will prove the other party’s negligence using the evidence available. Our attorneys conduct an investigation, using information from eyewitnesses, the police report, your medical bills, traffic camera footage, car black box data, driving record history, and more to establish the other driver’s liability. Your lawyer also works on a contingency fee basis so that you only pay once you have received your settlement. To learn more, contact Fasig | Brooks for a free consultation.