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Tallahassee Drunk Driver Cases: Nightclub or Bar Owner Liability

Drunk driving events often cause catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, the drunk drivers in Tallahassee often don’t have enough insurance or assets to cover the damages caused by their carelessness. An often overlooked element of a drunk driving case is what is referred to as dramshop liability. Dramshop liability refers to the liability of the nightclub, bar, […]

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Drunk Drivers Need Good Attorneys: the Real Cost of Defending Yourself in a Civil Case in Tallahassee

Drunk driving accidents result in some of the highest jury awards; juries tend to give the benefit of the doubt to victims of drunk driving accidents. In Florida drunk driving cases, juries can also award punitive damages, which are monetary awards and are designed to punish the drunk driver, and deter other people from driving drunk. […]

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Tallahassee Dui Accidents: Florida Supreme Court Denies Hardship License to Drunk Driver

Drunk driving accidents are often the worst type of accidents, because they often involve high speed collisions. Drunk drivers often fall asleep at the wheel or drive recklessly due to decreased inhibitions. The Tallahassee personal injury lawyers at Fasig & Brooks have developed a particular interest in drunk driving cases in Tallahassee and North Florida, and the […]

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