Category: E. Rose Kasweck

Don’t Buy the Scam: Blame the Lobbyists, Not the Lawyers

Much ado is made about the American people being sue-happy, and the threat of runaway juries driving up the costs of everything from healthcare to homeowner’s insurance. People want to make lawyers the enemy—if we weren’t such greedy, ambulance-chasers who tries to make a million-dollar case out of every fender bender we see, the world […]

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Negotiating Healthcare Costs

One of the most difficult things about having no – or bad – health insurance is never knowing how much any medical procedure will cost. Each insurance company (and sometimes each tier of each company) negotiates different rates for how much of the “cost” they will pay for vs. how much gets discounted vs. how […]

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How Not to Get Raped

While reviewing the medical records of a client who was the victim of a sexual assault, I came across a list of tips provided to her by the hospital where she went to be examined after the assault. There is so much advice out there for women on avoiding becoming a victim of sexual assault. […]

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