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The Importance of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles are becoming more popular each year, and so are accidents involving motorcycles.  Motorcycle accidents almost always cause injury since there’s little protection for the rider.  Because of the increased possibility of injury, it’s important for both riders and drivers to know how to reduce the risk of an accident. The most common cause of […]

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Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet or Seatbelt Could Save You More Than Your Life

As children, we are often taught to take extra precautions to ensure that we are safe. Generally, when kids are taught to ride a bicycle, they are taught to wear a helmet and sometimes even elbow and kneepads. This is typically to prevent injury in the event that the child is involved in an accident. […]

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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

If you live in Florida, you know that there are many motorcycle riders on the road. What you may not realize, however, is that motorcycle riders are at a very disproportionate risk of injury and death compared to those riding in cars. There are some very alarming statistics out there that bear this out. Motorcycle […]

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