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Attorney-client Privilege Explained

The question of attorney-client privilege – what is, and what is not, protected by it – isn’t something that usually leads the evening news. Recently, however, it has been the talk of newsrooms and workplace watercoolers alike. Most of us (at least, most non-lawyers) have had a perception that the attorney-client privilege is one-size-fits-all; everything […]

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What is Small Claims Court

When faced with a civil legal matter, there are a few instances when it isn’t necessary to have an attorney represent you. For cases worth $5,000 or less, a Small Claims action may be the best route to take. While you can hire an attorney to represent you, Small Claims Court institutes a process designed […]

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Watch Out for the Early Settlement Offer

One of the first phone calls you will receive after being involved in a car accident is from the insurance company who represents the driver who caused the accident. While the adjuster may be nice on the phone, the main objective of that phone call is to gather information to use against you in the future. Despite […]

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