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A CDL is a commercial license that all truck drivers are required to carry in order to operate a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle, and typically these drivers must also carry additional certifications depending on the nature of the cargo they are hauling or vehicle they are operating. However, no amount of licensing or regulation will ever guarantee that these drivers will not cause a crash. An accident with a commercial truck can be absolutely devastating, simply because of the size difference and enormous weight of these vehicles, especially during a collision between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle. 

In addition to strict licensing requirements, truck drivers carry commercial insurance policies that often have limits in excess of $1 million. While these limits are significantly higher than the average passenger driver policy, this does not mean that it is easier for a victim to recover the actual damages they are truly entitled to. Insurance companies, no matter what their policy limits may be, are focused on paying as little as possible to victims in order to maximize their own profits while still resolving their legal obligations. The best way to counteract this goal is to partner with an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who will fight to ensure that you get the money you truly deserve.


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Our personal injury law firm offers free consultations to Destin truck accident victims, where victims can speak with an experienced truck accident attorney about their unique situation. The uncertainty about what the future may hold after a truck accident can be overwhelming, and trying to work with an insurance company directly can lead to stress that impacts the recovery process, as well as the likelihood that an individual victim will ultimately accept a settlement far less than what they rightfully deserve.

When you are partnered with Fasig | Brooks, you can focus on your recovery without taking on the burden of managing your own claim, working to calculate your own damages, and handling aggressive negotiations while you should be working to get your life back on track. We will take care of your administrative and legal needs so that your top priority can be your personal life, health, and getting back to work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Destin Truck Accidents

Do I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

There is no legal requirement to hire an attorney after a truck accident, but our personal injury attorneys in Destin have years or decades of experience handling similar claims to your own, and fighting to get our clients the money they truly deserve. Personal injury law is complex, and insurance companies leverage this complexity by inundating claimants with countless documents, confusing legalese, and ominous communications that suggest the claimant is absolutely not entitled to any additional compensation than the initial offer that is made. 

Without a personal injury law background, it can be nearly impossible to dissect this offer and understand your rights as a victim in this situation. To further complicate matters, commercial insurance policies — particularly as they relate to commercial shipping industries — have many unique factors that must be addressed in order to make sense of the overall situation and the best path forward. 

Why Are Truck Accidents Different from Passenger Vehicle Crashes? 

There are many differences between passenger vehicle and truck crashes, both physically and legally. For starters, a commercial 18-wheeler, semi-truck, or transport bus is vastly larger than even the biggest passenger vehicles, which pose an increased risk of much more serious crashes and catastrophic injuries. Secondly, commercial trucks have commercial insurance policies that are extremely complicated to navigate, and industry regulations that add a degree of complexity to your claim that is never present in a passenger vehicle accident. 

The most important difference, and one that victims are immediately aware of during the crash, is the increased risk of serious injuries. The team at Fasig | Brooks understands how traumatic this experience can be, and we are committed to working with our clients to alleviate stress and fight for the money they deserve while they are able to focus on their recovery.

Who Is Responsible After a Truck Accident? 

Determining who is responsible after an accident can be a contentious and confusing process, but this is especially true after a commercial truck accident. Truckers are held to different standards than passenger vehicles including limited hours of services, a lower legal BAC, and a range of restrictions pertaining to things like the weight of cargo, nature of cargo, maintenance schedules, and more. Each of these factors can help to clarify who is responsible for the crash and how it was caused, but without a history of experience handling these types of cases, it can be extremely difficult to interpret this information in a useful way. 

During our free consultation, we will be able to discuss the specifics of your accident including the events that led to the crash and any other important details that can help clarify the cause. In some instances, it can be very straightforward to determine, but even determining who caused the accident does not make the process of calculating and negotiating fair damages any easier. 

What Types of Compensation Could I Be Owed? 

In order to determine how much money a victim is entitled to, there are many different impacts that must be examined before determining an amount. During our initial consultation, we will be able to go through some of the high-level impacts you have experienced so far, such as your current medical bills, lost wages, and the impact that your injuries have had on your life up to this point. These factors will not give us a complete understanding of the damages that you are owed, and this investigation can take a month or more before we are able to reach a clear calculation of the money that we will be fighting for on your behalf.

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The sooner you contact our law firm about your truck accident, the sooner you will have a clearer understanding of your rights as a victim, and what you can expect as a valued client of our team. Your recovery should be your absolute top priority, and once there is an experienced attorney handling your claim you will be able to look towards the future with confidence, knowing that your compensation is in the hands of a proven law firm.