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When you ride your bike around Fort Walton Beach, you have every right to expect that the drivers you are sharing the road with understand and are obeying the traffic laws in place meant to keep cyclists safe. While this is the case for most bike rides, there are an unfortunate number of situations each year where cyclists are injured or even killed in accidents caused by other people — often motor vehicles, but may also be the result of other pedestrians or cyclists choosing to ignore laws and act recklessly or dangerously. 

Getting into an accident is a significant disruption to the victim’s life (as well as their loved ones), but it can be even more frustrating when someone else caused the accident through negligence or recklessness, knowing that the accident could have been avoided if the at-fault party had decided to act responsibly. While no amount of money will ever undo an accident, the good news is that there is a legal process for victims to seek compensation — typically through an accident claim with the at-fault person’s insurance company or in a tort claim directly against the individual in the Florida courts. This process may be extended and involved and will take a dedicated effort on behalf of the victim or their legal representation to make sure they get the money they deserve.

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The best way to determine how you can move forward with your case is to connect with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible for a free consultation. The team at Fasig | Brooks offers a free initial case evaluation with personal injury victims, including those who have been hurt in cycling accidents or lost loved ones in crashes that other people caused. During this evaluation and consultation, we will be able to go over the main details of the case to get a clear understanding of the overall situation before providing specific advice on your legal options and how we can help.

We understand that this time can be hectic and overwhelming, which is why we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Once you have the team at Fasig | Brooks supporting you through the legal process, you can focus on your recovery with confidence that there are legal professionals dedicated to getting you the money you deserve. When someone else causes your accident, you should not need to foot the bill for their behavior, and we are here to make sure that your case gets the respect and compensation it deserves from the other side. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fort Walton Beach Bicycle Accidents

Below, you can get a better idea about a few of the many questions you are sure to have as you look towards the future after a bike accident. The answers provided are only meant to give you a sense of how your question may be answered, given your unique situation. We encourage you to reach out to our team as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation and case evaluation. 

How much will I get for my Fort Walton Beach cycling accident?

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to calculate the total damages a personal injury victim is owed without taking a close look at the overall situation. Some of the major variables of a personal injury settlement are the medical costs and lost wages stemming from the accident. These are very specific to your accident and experience. 

In addition to these variables, many other damages may or may not have measurable dollar values associated with them. For instance, we will work to ensure that you are compensated for the pain and suffering you have endured, which is also very unique to your case. 

The best way to learn about the damages you have suffered, and are therefore entitled to compensation for, is to work with an attorney as soon as possible. 

Do I need to work with an attorney to get a fair settlement after my bike accident?

You are not required to work with an attorney for your insurance claim or ever to file a lawsuit, but the reality is that you have a lot to gain by partnering with an experienced personal injury lawyer starting from the day you initiate your insurance claim. For one, you will be able to take the time you need to focus on your recovery without worrying about an uncertain legal future. At the same time that you are working on moving past the cycling accident, we will be using our years of experience with personal injury law to build a compelling case on your behalf. Having handled so many, we can identify a range of damages that are typically overlooked.

One of the most important roles an attorney plays in your case is as your negotiator. Once we calculate your damages, we will approach the insurance company or legal defense team to discuss an out-of-court settlement. If these negotiations are successful, then we will be able to avoid a time-consuming lawsuit. On the other hand, if these negotiations are unsuccessful, we are prepared to move forward with your case before a judge to get you the money you deserve.

What happens if I am partially responsible for my bike accident?

Florida, like many states, uses a statute called “pure comparative fault” when it comes to personal injury cases. Under this rule, a victim can seek compensation proportionate to the fault they contributed to the accident, meaning that your final award will be reduced by the percentage of fault you take responsibility for. If you contributed 10% of fault to the accident — perhaps by not having appropriate reflective equipment at night — and your final award is $100,000, then you will ultimately be paid $90,000 to account for this 10%. 

Comparative fault is a valuable and vital tool, but insurance companies and defense attorneys will leverage this law to reduce their financial obligations in the case. When working with our team, we will fight to ensure that you are not accepting unnecessary fault to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.