Construction Accident Lawyers in Fort Walton Beach

Property owners and construction site managers are responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe job site for all workers and visitors to the site. Any negligence or recklessness can have catastrophic effects and lead to life-threatening injuries. Serious and catastrophic job site injuries cause tremendous financial hardship and mental and emotional anguish. 

Accident victims need to spend a significant time away from work at the construction site to heal and recover, which is why a construction accident lawyer in Fort Walton Beach can help and guide you. With years of experience helping victims of construction accidents get the legal guidance and fair compensation they deserve, our law firm is eager to help you, too. Call (850) 777-7777 today to speak to an attorney at our Fort Walton Beach law firm.

What Causes Construction Accidents?

Construction companies should provide the right tools for the job and inspect them thoroughly or ensure they are regularly inspected. When not in use, dangerous tools should be secured so that they do not cause a tripping hazard. Protective equipment, such as gloves, eyewear, and long sleeve shirts, should be worn to protect exposed skin. 


Falls from high places are the most common type of accident on construction sites. Construction workers fall off ladders, scaffolding, and roofs and are at risk of tripping on tools or slipping on wet gravel or mud on the ground level.

Getting Hit In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are common on construction sites due to lack of training, mechanical errors, or driver errors. A construction worker can be hit by a truck driving on the construction site or by an inexperienced driver of a forklift or other transport machinery.

Caught By Or In Between Objects

One of the most deadly types of construction accidents is when a construction worker becomes caught or stuck in between a machine or debris. The worker can get crushed, pinched, squeezed, or compressed from cave-ins or machinery rollovers.


Although preventable, construction worker fatalities from electrocution are a leading cause of workplace fatalities. When a construction worker is electrocuted, they can become badly burned, suffer brain damage, and fall as a result of losing muscle control. 

Damages From A Fort Walton Beach, FL Construction Site Accident

Construction workers who have been injured in Fort Walton Beach should contact our law firm today about the types of damages available to victims of construction accidents. Economic damages include financial losses such as medical bills and lost wages. Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering.

Photo of Construction Accident

When a person has been injured at a construction site, then they can file for compensation for verifiable monetary losses such as their medical bills, lost wages, and future lost earnings. They can also file for loss of business opportunities and the economic value of domestic services if their Fort Walton Beach construction site accident injuries prevent them from providing those services. Past and future medical expenses include lab tests, X-rays, assistive medical devices, pain medication, and physical therapy. Victims of construction accidents can provide us with their receipts, invoices, and other documents related to their injury expenses.

Non-economic damages after a construction site accident include pain and suffering. Your construction accident attorney from Fasig | Brooks will fight for you to get non-economic damages to compensate you for subjective, non-pecuniary losses such as:

  • The loss of the use of an organ
  • The loss of a limb
  • The loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • The loss of a loved one in a wrongful death
  • The loss of your sight, hearing, sense of smell, or touch

Types of Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accidents in Fort Walton Beach, FL lead to serious injuries, including the following:

Cuts and Lacerations

Hand tools and powered machinery can pose risks to construction workers. Deep wounds can be caused by sharp equipment that is either not handled properly or not stored properly.

Broken Bones

Fractures from falls, being caught in between objects, or being crushed under machinery can lead to multiple broken bones.

Photo of Construction Accident

Internal Injuries

Falls and crush injuries can also lead to serious internal injuries. The internal organs slam against the bones inside the body upon impact from a fall or can become compressed when crushed or caught between heavy objects, leading to organ contusions and internal bleeding. The most dangerous internal injuries affect the heart and the brain. Contusions to the heart can cause dangerously low blood pressure, chest pains, and irregular heartbeat. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to concussion, brain bleeding, coma, and even death.


There may be many parties that could be responsible for your or a loved one’s construction site accident, such as: 

  • Sub-contractors
  • Developers
  • The general contractor
  • The manufacturers of the equipment

You may file a worker’s compensation claim to recover damages for your lost wages and medical bills, but they won’t cover your non-economic damages like pain and suffering. With so many potentially liable parties and nuances in Florida personal injury and worker’s compensation law, it’s important to have a Fort Walton Beach attorney from Fasig | Brooks on your side.

When Do I Need a Construction Accident Attorney?

Although the nature of the construction industry is that it presents risks to workers, managers of construction sites have a legal duty to ensure their property is reasonably safe for workers. When they don’t, it can lead to construction accidents that leave victims with permanent injuries, financial hardship, physical pain, and emotional suffering. 

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a construction site accident, call our law firm today at (850) 777-7777 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our construction accident attorneys. Our law firm has won against the big construction companies to get victims of construction accidents the fair and just compensation they deserve. Contact the construction accident attorneys at Fasig | Brooks immediately.