Fort Walton Beach Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Dog attacks can happen unprovoked and result in terrible injuries to the dog bite victim that can deeply and negatively impact their life. When you’ve experienced a dog bite injury, you can seek compensation from the dog owner to pay for your damages. This is because you may be struggling with injuries and required to leave work for a short period of time, resulting in lost wages. It can be difficult to prove a dog bite case without the help of a lawyer who can use the evidence and your damages to show that the other party should be held responsible for your injuries. You can rely on a knowledgeable team of dog bite injury attorneys to support you through the settlement claim. Contact Fasig | Brooks today for a free consultation. 

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Common Dog Bite Injuries

An animal bite can require immediate medical attention because dog bites can result in terrible infection and injury. For example, some dogs aren’t vaccinated against rabies and may be carrying the disease. Other bacterial infections can occur because of a dog bite when they go untreated without antibiotics. You can ask your doctor to perform a lab test if you have a bacterial infection. Other injuries caused by dog attacks include the following: 

Punctured Skin

Dog teeth can rupture and penetrate the skin, sinking into tissue, muscle, and bone based on how aggressive the dog is. These puncture wounds can range from Level 3 to Level 6, where the dog inflicts one to four shallow punctures after one bite or causes multiple bites, which can be deadly. 

Nerve Damage

There might be some difficulty moving or feeling sensation if the dog bite was so severe that there was nerve damage. These serious injuries can be close to the dog bite or radiate along the impacted limb, creating temporary to long-term disability. 

Broken Bones

A severe dog bite can also shatter bones in the hands, feet, wrists, ankles, arms, legs, etc. It is also possible that the dog may knock you over, causing you to break bones due to the impact of the fall onto the ground. 

Face Injuries

More dangerous attacks can result in the dog trying to bite your face, which can also cause eye damage leading to issues with your vision. 


Because dog bites can often leave deep lacerations and open wounds, this can lead to scarring and disfigurement. You could be facing medical bills in the thousands when disfiguration occurs because surgery may be required to recover from the scarring. 

Tissue Damage 

A deep dog bite can tear into muscle tissue, creating severe pain and difficulty moving. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments may be injured if the dog was pulling at you during the attack. 

What Can Be Used For Proof In A Dog Bite Injury Claim

With the help of a dedicated law firm, they can provide legal help to make sure the dog owner is held liable for your injuries. They can help you collect evidence for your personal injury claim and prove that the other party is a bad dog owner who was negligent so that your medical expenses, lost income, and any other damages can be included in your compensation. Here are some examples of proof:

Pictures Of Your Injuries

You must take photographs of the wounds you received immediately to prove that they are connected to a dangerous dog attack. Images after you receive medical treatment showing crutches, bandages, neck braces, and casts can also be helpful. 

Pictures Of The Area And Other Key Factors

The place and location of the dog attack can be recorded with pictures and any other reliable evidence that shows how the attack happened. For example, if there is an open gate or a broken leash, your law firm can use this as proof. 

Medical Bills 

The receipts from all the treatments you had to undergo because of your terrible injuries can be included. These are also a form of physical evidence that law offices use to prove your case. 

What If I’m Partially Responsible For The Dog Bite Attack?

Typically, you may not be responsible for the dog bite in Fort Walton Beach, FL because the dog owner must uphold a strict liability for any injuries their pet causes. However, the dog owner also has legal rights. For example, if you were on private property without the dog owner’s permission, you may be held responsible in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Also, if the dog owner kept the dog away from people, such as in a fenced area, and you attempted to make contact with the animal, this can also make you at fault for your injuries.

You should consult with an experienced law firm to find out whether you are or aren’t at fault for your injuries. In Fort Walton Beach, Fl, if you were in the area for a normal reason, for example, jogging, visiting a store, or other activities, and were attacked, typically it is the other party that can be held responsible for your injuries. 

Is It Worth It To Hire A Dog Bite Attorney?

Dog bites should be taken seriously, and after you are attacked by a dangerous dog, it is in your best interest to work with a personal injury attorney. This will make the settlement process a lot smoother because an experienced personal injury attorney will help prove how the other party is liable for your damages, according to Florida law. Animal attacks cause serious injuries that can set you back financially, emotionally, and physically. Get help from our team of knowledgeable personal injury attorneys before initiating your settlement claim to learn how much your settlement is worth and what next steps you should take. Call Fasig | Brooks now for a free consultation.