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When you are in a hazardous area and get wounded due to a slip and fall accident, it is possible to hold the premises owner responsible. This is because the premises owner must keep their visitors safe and should warn their guests with signs or hazard tape to show that dangerous areas are off-limits. If they fail to do that, this increases the chances of devastating slip and fall injuries that require you to seek medical attention. You should speak to a slip and fall lawyer after you’ve suffered serious injuries because of a premises liability accident. They can review your case, reveal who can be held responsible, and estimate how much your damages are worth. You can recover compensation that accurately reflects how badly you’ve been injured. To find out more information, contact Fasig | Brooks for a free consultation. 

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Ways A Premises Owner Can Be Proven Negligent And At Fault For Your Injuries

When you experience slip and fall accidents, you may still be held responsible for serious injuries based upon how the personal injury occurred on someone else’s property. There are many reasons your law firm may still be able to pursue compensation if the premises owner was negligent in some way. You can seek compensation for the following reasons: 

They Didn’t Put Up Signs.

If there were no signs in the area where you experienced a severe injury, then you may not be held responsible for your wounds. The premises owner’s responsibility is to alert visitors to protect them from getting into terrible fall accidents

The Dangerous Region Wasn’t Visible.

In some cases, the premises owner may have damaged property that is extremely visible to guests. For example, a large gaping pothole can be easily avoided. The other party may argue that you are responsible if you are able to take another route instead of walking through a poorly maintained region. 

The Rundown Conditions Were Never Repaired

Premises owners that don’t properly take care of their land and fix the problems that pop up can create an atmosphere of disaster. For example, exposed electrical wires, broken glass, creaky stair steps, and other forms of disrepair can create trouble.

Hazardous Regions Are Ill-Suited For Visitors 

Slippery and wet areas are the biggest reasons slip and fall accidents occur. If there is an area that is especially steep or very risky when it’s raining, the premises owner should install sidewalk rubber grips and other remedies to protect guests. 

Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Because of a dangerous condition on another’s land, you may be experiencing medical bills, lost wages, and other damages that you have to struggle to pay. You may have been injured because of the following common slip and fall accident wounds: 

Broken Bones 

You may have taken a fall that caused you to shatter your bones on impact. For example, hands and wrists can receive fractures when you try to break the fall by reaching out. Because broken bones can cause a lack of mobility, this can force you to take time off from work while you overcome your injuries. 

Spinal Cord Damage

If you feel on your back, you may also experience severe spinal cord damage that can cause chronic back pain and even paralysis. The spinal nerves may be severed, pinched, and sometimes even undergo irreparable damage, making it difficult for you to live a normal life. 

Head Trauma 

You may suffer from traumatic brain injury if you fell and hit your head. The blunt force can cause hematomas, concussions, and hemorrhages, negatively impacting your cognitive processes. 

Neck Damage

Even if you suffered from no serious injuries, you might have extreme neck pain due to the pain of having fallen and straining your neck. This can make it difficult to sleep or move comfortably for weeks, months, and even years. 

Cuts and Bruises

Even if you didn’t get a life-threatening injury, cuts and bruises are still painful and inconvenient and can leave scar tissue that remains for years. You may have surficial to deep lacerations that caused a lot of bleeding. Bruises can also be tender to the touch and leave black and blue marks on the skin. 

What Is The Average Slip And Fall Personal Injury Settlement In Fort Walton Beach, FL?

According to personal injury law, the compensation you receive is entirely dependent on the type of slip and fall wounds you receive. There is no true average settlement because everyone’s life circumstances vary greatly. For example, you may claim lost wages while you were off from work, depending on how much income you lost and how much you generally make at your job or company. Slip and fall attorneys will estimate your damages based on economic and non-economic factors. For example, medical bills will make up a large amount of your compensation and include physical therapy, surgery, and even lab tests. You will also need to claim pain and suffering, which is based upon the severity of the accident and how much you suffered emotionally. An injured individual may be struggling with depression, sadness, grief, embarrassment, and other terrible emotions. 

How A Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer Makes Life Easier

Using the combined experience of slip and fall lawyers deeply educated in personal injury law, you can rely on them for accurate information about how much compensation you are owed. They analyze personal injury cases, strategize how they will use evidence to prove who is liable for damages, and effectively communicate your settlement demands to the at-fault party. Meanwhile, you can focus on recovering from your serious injury while your slip and fall lawyer handles your case for you. Find out more about how to approach your slip and fall accident and what your next steps should be. Contact Fasig | Brooks now for a free consultation.