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Riding a bicycle can seem like a pleasant way to enjoy the Florida weather while getting a great cardio workout and fresh air. Unfortunately, the reality of cycling in Jacksonville is a bit different; in fact, Jacksonville is considered to be the second-most dangerous city in Florida in terms of fatal bicycle accidents, and the second-most dangerous city in the United States for cycling, coming behind Tampa for both of these unfortunate superlatives. In 2016, Florida had 840 fatal cycling accidents, an alarming number for anyone who is thinking about suiting up for a bike ride.

Fortunately, Jacksonville officials have indicated that they will be taking measures under their Complete Streets statutes that will make new roadways safer for pedestrians and cyclists. However, this is certainly “too little, too late” for those who have already suffered injuries or have been killed in cycling accidents, and even the strictest laws will never guarantee safety. This is why it will always be important to know that there are personal injury lawyers who are ready and willing to help you fight to get the money that you deserve if you are a victim of one of these accidents.

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Fasig | Brooks offers free initial consultations for cycling accident victims so that we can discuss your situation in detail and give you a better understanding of how we can help you navigate this complicated time in your life. You deserve compensation, and one of the fundamental things to keep in mind throughout this entire process is that the insurance company does not want to pay you what you are entitled to. This is where a lawyer comes in handy.

When you are represented by the seasoned and aggressive legal team at Fasig | Brooks, you can be confident that there is someone who is fighting for what you deserve every step of the way. Read more about Jacksonville bicycle accident claims below, and contact now to get started on yours as soon as possible. 

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Your injuries will be central to determining the amount of money that you deserve for your accident. Primarily, we will focus on the economic impacts of your injuries, such as your medical bills and the impacts on your earning ability, but the severity of the injury and the pain that you have endured will also play a major factor in the compensatory damages that you are entitled to. We will help you understand how we will calculate these different damages as we begin our work together.

Fractured and Broken Bones

Many people think that a fracture is different from a break, but medically speaking they are both the same. A bone fractures when it is bent or forced beyond its ability to flex and the bone breaks apart. Naturally, the severity of the break depends on a variety of things, such as the force of impact, the affected bone, and any secondary injuries that could have occurred alongside the fracture such as organ damage, puncture wounds, and more. 

Fractured bones require medical attention as soon as possible so that they can be properly set and supported so that they can heal the right way and you will be able to resume your life once the healing process is completed. 

Road Rash

Road rash is a colloquial term for the abrasions that someone gets when they hit the pavement after a bicycle accident, motorcycle crash, or another type of accident. This type of injury almost looks like a burn and can cause serious and even permanent damages like scarring, loss of sensation in the affected area, and more.

Depending on the severity, road rash may be treated by simply protecting the area until it heals, or may require grafts or other serious procedures. It is important that you get the appropriate care for this injury to make a full recovery.

Neck and Spine Injuries

Injuries to the neck and the spine are alarmingly common in accidents when a cyclist or motorcycle rider collides with a car, both as a result of the initial impact between rider and car, and the secondary impact when the rider hits the ground. Depending on the speed of impact, the way the rider hits the ground, and more, there are a lot of different ways that a cyclist can suffer damage to their spine or neck.

The spinal cord is a large bundle of nerves that allow the brain to communicate with the rest of the body, and if these nerves are severed then the victim may suffer paralysis, loss of sensation, and more. 


Whiplash is another type of neck injury, but results from damage to the soft tissues like the muscles, ligaments, and tendons when the head snaps forward, down, and then back in a rapid “S” motion. This rapid stretching causes the muscles and tendons to tear which causes serious discomfort and mobility issues as they recover. 

Typically, whiplash requires rest and support in order to make a full recovery; however, there are instances when the whiplash injury is so serious that the victim may require invasive surgeries to repair the damages.

Why is Florida So Dangerous For Cyclists?

There are many different factors that go into making Florida such a dangerous place for cyclists (as well as motorcycles and pedestrians). According to the global safety initiative Vision Zero, unsafe cities are inherently flawed in their designs, which do not allow for dedicated bike lanes, safe distances between vehicles and cyclists, and more. In addition to these design flaws, Florida, including Jacksonville, have the following serious problems:

Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is a major issue across the United States, and these distracted drivers are a major contributor to cycling accidents everywhere. Distractions include smartphones, texting, social media apps, and the myriad onboard computers that modern vehicles have. However, distracted driving includes other things such as eating while driving, playing with a GPS, or even a wandering mind.

Congested Roadways

Florida has some of the busiest roads in the country, and congestion is never a good obstacle for a cyclist to attempt to navigate. Drivers who are trying to get through congestion may stop focusing on their blind spots, making it easy for a driver to make a turn or a lane change without realizing that there is a cyclist in their path.

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Regardless of why Jacksonville is so dangerous, the fact is that cycling through this city can be a major hazard, and you deserve legal protection if you are injured as a result of someone else’s actions. Contact us as soon as possible for your free initial consultation so that we can begin building a comprehensive case for you today.