Lane Changing Accidents in Jacksonville

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Changing lanes on a multi-lane road can be a complicated matter, whether or not it seems it each time you perform this routine driving maneuver. However, this does not mean that you are perfectly safe from being involved in an accident caused by a lane-changing error since there are a variety of ways that it could go wrong. Being involved in a crash that someone else caused due to negligent or careless lane changing can be extremely frustrating, especially if you suffer from injuries caused by the accident. You do not deserve to be burdened with the impacts of this accident, and when you work with a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville through your insurance claim, you can be confident that you have support while trying to get the financial compensation that you deserve.

The award-winning team at Fasig | Brooks is available now to help you get the money and the care that you rightfully deserve after this unfortunate situation. Our history of helping clients get the settlements that they deserve is a great indication that you are making the right decision by working with us for your own legal needs. In order to learn how we can best work together, as well as to discuss the specifics of your accident, injuries, and the effects that you are now dealing with after this catastrophe, contact us as soon as possible to speak with a car accident attorney in Jacksonville. We understand that this time in your life is stressful, and oftentimes can feel overwhelming, which is why we focus so much on helping you focus on the things that matter most in your life, like your recovery.

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What is an Improper Lane Change?

In order to understand whether or not you are entitled to seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company (or your own insurance company in certain instances), it is essential that you first understand what constitutes an improper lane change. There are a few different situations that qualify as “improper,” and you must keep in mind that there are many other factors that may go into the final determination of fault, negligence, and ultimately your settlement amount.

Essentially, an improper lane change is any situation where a driver changes lanes on a road where there are multiple lanes of travel in one direction in a way that violates the traffic laws for that road. We will need to show that the lane change disregarded “reasonable safety.” The following are just a few possible examples of improper lane changes:

  • Failing to notice vehicles that are in the other lane before initiating a lane change
  • Failing to check blind spots before initiating a lane change
  • Not using turn signals for a lane change
  • Accidentally making a lane change (due to things like distracted or impaired driving)
  • Failing to change lanes in a reasonable amount of time (straddling lanes)

Keep in mind that while these examples certainly qualify as an improper lane change, there are many other ways that these types of accidents can happen, and we understand that your case is unique no matter what.

Dangers of Changing Lanes

Each time a driver decides to change lanes, they must first make note of all vehicles that abut them, both in their lane and the lane that they are moving over to. They must also be sure that there are no motorcycles or other vehicles obscured by their blind spots, that no other drivers are changing lanes at the same time, and many other factors that go into a safe traffic maneuver.

The central danger of changing lanes is a failure to notice another vehicle (or pedestrian, cyclist, etc.) before moving into the new lane of travel, and therefore causing a collision. Typically, these accidents are sideswipe crashes, but they could just as easily crush a motorcycle, knock a bike rider off of their bicycle, and many other types of accidents and injuries. Depending on the details of the accident, there could be serious injuries that result from the crash, and in some cases could be fatal.

Why Choose Fasig | Brooks?

When you are injured in a car accident, the last thing that you should be worrying about is trying to juggle a range of legal issues and attempting to negotiate with an insurance company. In fact, it is proven that psychological stress has a significant impact on recovery from physical injuries, meaning that every legal stressor that we take on for you is one less roadblock to recovery.

The award-winning team of attorneys at Fasig | Brooks is here for you every step of the way, and we have the history of successful cases to put your mind at ease. Contact us as soon as possible to learn about how we can begin working together and getting you the settlement that you deserve.

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