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Rollover accidents can cause tremendous damage. For example, rollover accidents accounted for over ⅓ of all fatal car accidents in 2010. But an experienced Jacksonville rollover accident attorney from Fasig | Brooks can guide the victims, explain how the legal system works, and help them find the best way to recover compensation for all their losses and damages.

A rollover accident can cause injuries, affect the victim’s finances and cause pain and suffering. But most importantly, rollover accidents often happen because of someone else’s negligence. Because of that, the responsible parties or their insurance company should be the ones who pay for the victim’s property damages, medical bills, and emotional consequences.

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Whether you have been hurt in a rollover accident or any other type of car crash, if someone else caused the accident, then you deserve to be compensated for their actions. 

You shouldn’t have to foot the bill for their negligent or reckless actions, and we will fight to be sure that your case is heard and that you have the best chance of a fair settlement possible. We hope you can focus on recovering from your injuries without taking on the stress of your legal issues because we have them all covered.

Most of the time, it’s beneficial to hire a Jacksonville rollover accident attorney early into your insurance claims process. Contact us now to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation so that we can discuss the specifics of your situation and get a better understanding of how we can work together to get you the settlement money that you need and deserve.

Dangers of a Rollover Accident

Even a fender-bender can be dangerous, depending on the specifics of the crash. Still, a rollover accident is one of the most dangerous types of accidents to be involved in, if for nothing else than how unpredictable the impacts of the collision will be.

When a car is struck from the front, side, or back, there are many different safety mechanisms in place, such as airbags, restraints, and other devices that help to absorb the impact and cushion the passenger. However, a rollover accident can mean the passenger is thrown in many directions in rapid succession.

The rollover can cause serious damage to their soft tissues with whiplash and other severe impact injuries. Depending on the speed of the rollover, these changes in direction and impacts from different angles can all happen in rapid succession.

Without getting into much more detail, you can imagine why these accidents are so catastrophic for anyone involved.

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Rollover Accident

There are a lot of specifics that we will need to go over to solidify your rollover accident case since there are many times when the rollover is a secondary result of the initial crash, and in many cases, may have happened without an initial crash as the victim is attempting to avoid a reckless driver.

We will have to develop a clear timeline of the events that help us to prove that the other driver is at fault, regardless of the details of the rollover itself. You deserve compensation if someone else was driving recklessly or negligently and you were hurt in a rollover accident.

Determining Fault

The reality of your insurance claim is that the insurance company will attempt to limit your settlement amount by any means possible, meaning that they may blame you for the rollover, even if they accept that their client initiated the accident. 

They might try to argue that you could have avoided the rollover if you had taken the appropriate actions. The team at Fasig | Brooks will not let these claims go uncontested.

Negotiating a Settlement

In tandem with fighting on your behalf to prove that the other driver was at fault, we will set out to negotiate a fair settlement that compensates you for all of the damages you have suffered due to the other driver’s actions. You do not deserve to be stuck with the financial burden of their behavior. 

We will represent you tirelessly as we work towards a settlement agreement with the insurance company. This process can be exhausting, which is why it is so important that you have a Jacksonville rollover accident attorney fighting on your behalf while you can focus on your recovery.

Taking Liable Parties to Court

Sometimes reaching a settlement is not possible. In those cases, our attorneys are ready to take the liable parties to court, where a jury or judge will decide upon the compensation the victims should get. 

An experienced Jacksonville rollover accident lawyer will try to avoid court because the process can take longer. However, this is an unlikely situation since facing a jury can represent a bigger legal problem for the responsible parties. 

Types of Rollover Accidents

Road Fatalities Spiked in the First Half of 2021, and rollovers were present in many of those accidents. But a rollover accident can happen in many ways, and car and truck drivers are not always the main cause. However, most victims are entitled to pursue compensation, but the help of a rollover car accident lawyer in Jacksonville may be necessary.

The most common rollover accidents in Jacksonville are single-vehicle rollovers. That happens when only one vehicle is turned upside down. However, there are also multi-vehicle rollovers, when two or more vehicles roll, and even commercial vehicle rollovers, which often involve cargo spills and greater damages for the victims.

Causes of Rollover Accidents in Jacksonville

Most rollover accidents occur because of human error. That could mean reckless or intoxicated drivers. Many accidents are also caused by other drivers, negligent corporations, or poorly maintained roads. These are the most common causes of rollover accidents in Jacksonville

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Mechanical failure
  • Poor road conditions
  • Bad weather
  • Commercial truck overloading

But rollover accidents can also happen for reasons that are not listed here. So the best way to be sure about your case is to contact Fasig | Brooks, so one of our experienced attorneys can evaluate your case.

Damages You Can Get After a Rollover Accident

Filing a claim for compensation after a rollover accident is important because that is the only way for many victims to recover damages. Of course, the damages a victim can recover from the liable party or their insurance company depends on the particulars of the case. There is no general rule to determine the amount of an economic agreement or jury verdict without an experienced rollover attorney.

There are mainly two categories of damages a victim can get: Economic and non-economic. Some cases can also recover punitive damages, but that decision falls completely on a judge or jury. Your Jacksonville rollover accident lawyer can explain clearly which damages you are entitled to pursue and the best way to get there.

Economic Damages in Rollover Accidents

Economic damages mean every damage and loss that can be tagged with a price. Your attorney can help you determine exactly which economic damages you can get, but some of the most common are: 

  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgeries
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

A rollover accident attorney can use your medical bills, proofs of purchase, or bank statements to calculate economic damages.

Claiming Non-Economic Damages

Claiming non-economic damages is complicated, and it can be impossible without an experienced attorney. These damages are meant to cover the losses money can’t repair, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Loss of your life’s enjoyment
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional consequences

Even though no monetary amount can repair those damages, a substantial financial agreement or court verdict can help the victims alleviate their suffering. Compensation can also help them find meaning again and rebuild their life.

Common Injuries in Jacksonville Rollover Accidents

Rollover accident victims can suffer a wide range of injuries. From cuts and bruises to amputation or permanent paralysis. A Jacksonville attorney can help victims recover damages for many different injuries, such as:

However, many other injuries can occur in a rollover accident. Talk to your Jacksonville rollover accident attorney even if your injury is not on the list since you may still be entitled to pursue damages.

Statute of Limitations for Rollover Accidents in Florida

Florida’s Statute of Limitations for rollover accident injuries is four years. That means a victim has four years from the accident date to file a claim for damages. It is important to remember that date because it is a strict time limit, and losing it may represent losing your right to pursue damages.

There are cases where that time frame gets reduced to two years. For instance, when the liable party is a government agency. When a victim dies in a rollover accident, close relatives have two years to file a wrongful death claim and recover medical and funerary expenses and non-economic damages.

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A rollover accident can cause property damages, financial complications, and even cause the wrongful death of a loved one. In those cases, a Jacksonville rollover accident lawyer can help them navigate the complicated legal system, get the compensation they need to pay for their recovery and restore their previous life.An experienced law firm can help you take care of your legal case while you focus on your recovery and your family. Contact Fasig | Brooks today for a free consultation where our dedicated lawyers can discuss your legal situation and your possibility of recovering damages.