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Caution Wet Floor

Getting injured on someone else’s property can be a great detriment to your health and finances. When you get injured in a slip and fall accident, you can suffer from terrible wounds that can create chronic pain. Your life can be interrupted by your injuries, requiring you to take time off from work and be unable to participate in some of your normal activities. When you’re struggling with hefty medical bills, you should reach out to reputable slip and fall attorneys who can give you reliable advice. They can let you know whether you have enough evidence to initiate a claim. With an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side, you can receive maximum compensation for all of your damages. For more information, call Fasig | Brooks Law now for a free consultation.

What Is Considered A Legitimate Slip And Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident is a situation that occurs when you get injured on someone else’s property through no fault of your own. This means that the premises owner created a preventable situation that could have been avoided had they taken better care of their property. Here are some examples of situations that could create a slip and fall accident:

Wet And Slippery Surfaces

Property owners should make sure that the surfaces in heavily trafficked areas are dry and safe for guests. In places where heavy rain could make it difficult for visitors to pass through, they should install rubber grips, rough concrete, or ribbed surfaces to prevent people from getting injured on wet and slippery surfaces. If there is a puddle on the floor, the property owner should set up a caution sign near the wet area or have someone clean up the mess immediately. 

Torn And Ripped Carpeting

When carpet gets worn and old, it can eventually get tears and holes that cause visitors to trip. It is easy to get your foot caught in uneven carpeting, which can result in you falling to the ground. When carpeting gets worn and threadbare, it should be replaced by safer carpets.


Poorly maintained property can have potholes on parking lots or lawns. This can cause visitors to slip and fall, possibly twisting their ankle or knee if their foot gets caught. This can be extremely painful and can limit the victim’s mobility until they recover. That could have a negative effect on their work and regular life.

Unsafe Staircases 

Staircases that aren’t maintained can get worn down over time. The treads or risers of the steps can loosen or break while someone is climbing them. This can cause someone to topple over or trip and injure themselves badly. 

Cracked And Crumbling Side Walks

Sometimes tree roots cause sidewalks to crack, or heavy rain or snow deteriorates sidewalks over the years. These uneven sidewalks are another reason that you can trip and fall by mistake. 

No Warning Signs Around Construction

When there is ongoing construction on a property, the premises owner should let visitors and passers-by know by placing warning signs and other indications that the area should be avoided. If there are no warning signs and you end up getting badly wounded because you unknowingly wandered into a dangerous area, then that is a form of neglect. 

Can I Be At Fault for a Slip and Fall Accident?

If there were signs in the area where you were injured and you weren’t paying attention to them, you may be held liable or partly liable for your injuries. Other examples of how you might be at fault are if you were trespassing. For example, you were on the premises outside of business hours. If you were inebriated when the slip and fall occurred, you may also be held responsible. The other party can argue that you put yourself in danger by being under the influence of drugs or alcohol in public. However, you should speak to an attorney to find out whether the other party can hold you liable based on the evidence at hand. 

What Kind Of Damages Can I Claim For My Slip And Fall Accident?

The type of damages you can receive for your slip and fall accident can include any expenses that you had to pay as a result of your injuries. This can include both non-economic and economic damages. 

Economic Damages

Economic damages you receive because of your wounds include medical expenses and lost income. You may have to get x-ray scans, surgery, stitches, bandages, and other medical treatments to help you recover from your injuries. If you have to get physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and ongoing clinical treatments, all of this should be included in your total settlement. Medical devices such as crutches, casts, and braces should be included as well. Your lost income includes any wages you missed because you were unable to work. Any past and future lost wages can be estimated by your slip and fall attorney and included in your total settlement claim. 

Non-Economic Damages

Your injuries may have caused you pain and suffering, grief, shame, embarrassment, depression, or anxiety. These emotions can be compensated for because you experienced them due to your slip and fall accident. It is unfair that you are struggling with your injuries and their consequences because of someone else’s negligence. This is why your slip and fall lawyer will estimate how much your non-economic damages are worth with the help of an insurance adjuster. A common method is to use a multiplier ranging from one to seven based on how badly you were injured. The total economic damages are multiplied by this number and added to your economic damages to calculate your non-economic damages. 

What Are My Next Steps After My Slip And Fall Accident?

After your slip and fall accident, you and your Destin & Miramar Beach personal injury attorney need to begin gathering evidence surrounding your case. Your first step should be to take pictures of the hazardous condition that caused your accident. Write down all the pain and suffering you experienced and help your attorney understand how much you should receive in non-economic damages. Your attorney will try to find additional proof to help strengthen your compensation claim. They review your case, find out more information about how the accident occurred, review any surveillance footage, if applicable, talk to any eyewitnesses, and more. With their help, you can seek a settlement with confidence that you’ll be treated fairly. To learn more about the process, speak to a slip and fall attorney today. Call Fasig | Brooks Law for a free consultation.