Destin & Miramar Beach Truck Accident Attorneys


Truck accidents are devastating for drivers because trucks are much larger and heavier than other vehicles. Commercial trucks are the cause of about 2.4% of all accidents on the road. Around 16% of these accidents are the truck driver’s fault, leaving the trucking company liable for any damages they caused. Getting into a truck accident can cause fatal injuries, mainly because trucks are massive vehicles that can create a lot of wreckage. If you are lost and confused about what to do after you’ve been in a truck accident, you can reach out to a Destin and Miramar Beach truck accident attorney at Fasig | Brooks to guide you. They’ll make sure you receive fair compensation when you’re not at fault for your accident. To find out more information, call Fasig | Brooks Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.  

What Are the Most Frequent Ways Truck Accidents Occur?

A majority of truck accidents are because of driver error. However, there are many other ways that truck drivers can get into an accident with other vehicles on the road. Here are just a few examples of how this can occur:

Unbalanced Loads

The cargo in a truck’s trailer is not always loaded correctly, which can cause the truck driver to have problems on the road. Improperly loaded cargo can cause a truck to rock and sway unsteadily, especially when drivers make a turn. This can cause a truck to topple over due to the lack of balance. The truck driver can’t be held liable for an imbalanced load, but the company responsible for loading the cargo can be. 

Substance Abuse

Not many truck drivers use drugs or alcohol while driving, but those that do are more prone to causing accidents. Truck drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol often suffer from cognitive impairments that prevent them from fully focusing on transporting cargo. They can make mistakes on the road, which can lead to dire consequences. 


When a truck driver doesn’t follow FMCSA regulations and neglects to take prescribed breaks, this can result in fatigue. Drowsy truck drivers are unable to focus on the road around them fully and may be slow to react to the activities of other drivers. For example, if a truck driver dozes off at the wheel, they may wake up too late and be unable to slow down before hitting a car ahead of them. 

Reckless Driving

Truck drivers should be careful and keep other car drivers around them safe. Some are more reckless than others and may change lanes without indicating, not paying attention to those driving beside them. This can make it hard for them to respond in time to cars sitting in their blind spot. 

Distracted Driving

One of the worst habits that plague drivers is distracted driving. This occurs when drivers don’t pay attention to the road because they are busy on their phones. Other forms of distractions include personal grooming and eating. These activities can take a driver’s eyes off the road, which can increase the risk of a crash. 

Roadway Hazards

In some instances, construction companies don’t properly clean up their area or leave items out in the open that become obstacles for truck drivers. In other cases, the road may be poorly maintained with many cracks, potholes, and uneven pavement. These hazards can force truck drivers to swerve around them, which can cause them to crash into nearby drivers. 

Equipment Failure

Trucks can have malfunctioning brakes that fail, leaving a truck driver with no way to slow down in an emergency situation. Tire blowouts can also happen, which can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. Truck drivers could also lose control of their vehicles if the steering mechanism malfunctions. 


A trucker may speed if they want to make it to their destination on time. They are required to drive slower than the speed limit to prevent them from causing an accident, but this rule isn’t always followed. Speeding can prevent a truck driver from slowing down in time to avoid an obstacle or a slow-moving or stopped vehicle. 

How Can a Truck Driver Be at Fault?

Truck drivers are at fault when they make an error on the road, either by mistake or due to negligence. When you are driving safely and following the rules, and get into a traffic accident because of a truck driver, then they can be held liable for your injuries. If you were partly at fault and contributed to the accident, you can still receive compensation. Your truck accident attorney can help determine your percentage of fault for the accident and help you get a settlement for the rest of the damages.

What Should I Do Before I Speak to an Attorney?

Before speaking to an attorney, you can collect evidence at the scene of the truck accident occurred. At the scene of the accident, you can begin taking pictures of the damage done to your car and the truck. You can also take pictures of the area where the accident happened while you wait for the police to show up. You can also take pictures of your injuries to show how devastating the truck accident was. If there were eyewitnesses, try to get their contact information. 

Make sure you get medical help before you speak to your lawyer so that your wounds are taken care of. You also will need to know the extent of your injuries, especially if there are any hidden soft tissue injuries you may not have felt or noticed. After speaking with your insurer to let them know what happened, call a truck accident lawyer and tell them about the accident and the damages it caused, such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage. Let your attorney know if you have to take time off from work. This is also important because your attorney can calculate your present and future lost wages and include them in your total settlement amount. 

What Can Destin and Miramar Beach Truck Accident Attorneys Do for Me?

After you’ve gathered enough information, your attorney can go ahead and begin investigating your truck accident to find out more information. Our personal injury attorneys have a very comprehensive approach to discovering crucial evidence that can help increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement. For more information, speak to Fasig | Brooks today for a free consultation.