Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Orlando


Deciding to go on a cruise for some much-needed rest and relaxation can be a great idea, and more often than not the trip goes without a hitch, and you return to life restored after some time enjoying the sun, the ocean, and seeing new sights. Cruise ships offer a wide range of activities—ropes courses for the adventurers, spa treatments for those who wish to relax, and something for everyone in between—meaning that these types of all-inclusive vacations can be a great fit for the entire family, but there are many risks that are present, too. 

Slippery decks, overcrowded facilities, understaffed events, dangerous attractions, and excessive alcohol consumption are just a few of the many hazards present on a cruise ship. If you are injured on a cruise ship, you will quickly realize that the company has procedures for these situations, and they will be happy to guide you through their preferred process including things like signing non-disclosure agreements or liability waivers, submitting statements admitting negligence, and more, none of which is in your best interest. 

What To Do After a Cruise Ship Injury

If you are injured on a cruise ship, the first step is to make sure that your injuries are tended to by the staff physician. However, it is important that you remember during your treatment that the onboard physician is an employee of the cruise liner, meaning that they will be looking for ways to diminish their employer’s legal obligation by any means necessary. You will be better off not discussing the cause of your injuries with the physician, and simply focusing on getting the care you need to facilitate a full recovery.

As soon as possible, contact an attorney who can give you guidance over the early hours and days following your injury, especially if you are still on the ship. It can feel overwhelming to be confined to a ship when you have been injured, especially when the staff tries to guide you in certain directions that can help their legal case, like getting you to admit fault or downplay your injuries. Do not sign anything and do not make any statements without consulting your attorney.

Why Someone Might Need a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer 

There are many reasons why hiring legal counsel is the right decision to make after an accident, but the following are just a few of the most important benefits that you will enjoy from the moment you first agree to get this type of support.

Get Advice Early About What To Do

In the hours and days after an injury, especially while you are still a passenger of the cruise ship, it can be overwhelming to deal with cruise ship staff who are trying to talk legal issues with you, suggesting that you sign documents, and more. This time should be spent focusing on recovery. However, the sooner you have an attorney representing you, the sooner you can direct cruise staff to your attorney so that you can stay calm and rested until you are able to get to shore.

Minimize Stress to Maximize Recovery

It has been routinely shown that mental stress has a negative impact on physical wound recovery, and the sooner you have an attorney handling your legal issues, the sooner you will be able to focus on remaining calm and rested. Following the trauma of an accident, especially one that you are injured in, it is important to stay calm so that you can focus on coming to terms with your injuries, identifying your path towards recovery, and looking towards the future.

Move Forward With Confidence

The legal uncertainties after an injury like a cruise ship accident can be overwhelming as you start to worry about your financial issues, the upcoming legal steps that you will need to take, your rights as a victim, and more. Your attorney can help you understand all of the upcoming legal hoops that you will need to jump through in order to get the money that you are rightfully entitled to. Having confidence in your future options is a great way to stay calm at the moment.

Fight For the Money You Deserve

After you file an insurance claim, there will be a claims adjuster assigned to your case who will spend up to a month or more investigating the circumstances of your accident, your injuries, the financial impacts that you are dealing with, and more. After they conclude their investigation, they will make you an offer for a one-time settlement, which comes in exchange for you signing a waiver blocking you from any future legal actions against the cruise ship company for your injuries, regardless of any future developments. Your attorney will be able to counter this offer with their own, and will then take on a series of negotiations intended to get you the money you deserve.

Why Choose Fasig | Brooks?

Working with an attorney to get the money that you deserve is often the better idea, but it can be disheartening or stressful to feel like you are just a number. You can be confident that when you call our law firm you will not speak with someone new each time, you will not need to catch anyone up to speed about your case, and you will feel like a valued client. Our award-winning team understands the importance of providing each of our clients with individual care and attention, and this care is a guiding principle for how we help victims of personal injuries.

We are certain that after our free initial consultation you will know that you are making the right decision by hiring us as your legal representation. We will be happy to go through our history of successful cases similar to yours so that you can feel like you are not alone in your experience – but rest assured that regardless of whether or not we have taken a case similar to yours, we will treat your case as the unique situation that it is, and fight for the unique justice that you deserve.