Faulty Handrail Accidents

On a daily basis, many of us travel up and down stairways and use handrails that are maintained by other people, and we never think twice about it. This is because of the expectation that property owners and managers have taken the appropriate precautions to insure that visitors to their property are t safe from harm due to avoidable hazards and maintenance issues. Unfortunately, though, there are many times when people are injured on someone else’s property due to a lack of proper upkeep or a failure to warn the visitor about a hazard that the responsible party is unable to repair before their visit.

If you are on someone else’s property and you slip and fall due to a broken or faulty handrail that they should have addressed before your visit, then this is a valid reason for filing a personal injury claim against the property owner or property manager to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. This is known as premise liability, and if a property owner fails to keep you safe due to things like faulty handrails, broken stair treads, wet floors, or other issues of improper maintenance, then you will likely be able to seek compensation from them (or their property insurance) in the form of a premise liability claim or lawsuit. However, the process of getting the money that you actually deserve is more complicated than the property owner (or their lawyers) would like you to believe, so hiring your own personal injury attorney is an important step to take as soon as possible.

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Calculating Damages After a Faulty Handrail Accident

If you slip and fall down a flight of stairs because of a broken or faulty handrail, the results can be catastrophic: not only is it likely that you will suffer serious injuries from a fall, the trauma, and fear that this type of accident can cause will also have lasting impacts on your life. This is why we will not only seek economic damages like your medical bills and lost wages, but will fight to get compensation for your non-economic damages such as the pain and suffering of your injuries, the fear and trauma of your accident, and more. 

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the basis of all personal injury cases, including your faulty handrail accident. They include any damage that comes with a set of measurable dollar value, including things like your medical bills, impacts to your income, as well as any purchases that you need to make in order to help with your injuries. There are many additional economic damages that we will help you understand and determine whether or not they are appropriate to include in your total compensation amount that we will seek through negotiations, but the important thing to remember is that even though these are the more obvious and simpler to calculate of the two, the insurance company will still push back on every line item possible in order to save themselves as much money as possible.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are far more complicated than economic damages, simply because they seek financial compensation for damages that do not have measurable dollar values. These types of damages include things like the actual pain and suffering of your injuries, the psychological impacts that your accident and injuries have on your ability to enjoy your life, and more. Insurance companies aggressively push back on non-economic damages because of how difficult they are to quantify, but this is no reason to back off of our fight or be willing to accept less than what you deserve. There are many established methods of assigning an economic value to non-economic damages, and we will use the most appropriate method for your situation to ensure that you are compensated fairly.