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Taking an Uber or Lyft to get around Orlando can seem like an easy decision when your alternative is attempting to drive or attempt to navigate the city via public transit, foot, or bicycle. This simple decision is one reason why Uber has a $1.1 billion impact on the Florida economy each year, and why ridership continues to grow in both Orlando and across the country. Using the app is simple, and the significant majority of all rides are successfully completed without any sort of issue. However, there is always a chance that something can go wrong during a ride, resulting in an accident—either with you as the passenger, or as another driver struck by an Uber. Regardless, you have the right to compensation if you are the victim of someone else’s actions, and we are here to help.

Uber Technologies, Inc., the company behind the popular rideshare app, has strict guidelines for the drivers that they allow to use their app, including background checks and a variety of safety of requirements intended to keep their customers safe. Unfortunately, no set of rules, regulations, or precautions can ever guarantee that every single completed ride will be safe, and in the event of an accident, the people impacted deserve to be compensated fairly. 

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The best way to make sure that you have a fair chance of getting the money that you deserve after any type of accident is to work with a personal injury attorney. The moment that you file an insurance claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, they will spring into action in an attempt to find every possible reason to limit the amount of money that they will pay you. No matter how clear it is that the other party is responsible for the accident, the company will attempt to reduce the money they pay for both economic and non-economic damages in order to protect their own financial interests over your needs.

Your attorney will be able to facilitate nearly all requirements and conversations with the insurance company from the moment you hire them, all with the specific goal of maximizing your chances of a fair settlement. When you must deal with a step on your own, such as attending an independent medical exam, they will be able to provide you with clear guidance on how to handle yourself, what you can and can not say, and more. 

Contact us now to speak with our team during a free initial consultation, where we will be able to discuss your accident in detail, as well as discuss how we can best work together through your case. Read more below about Uber and other rideshare accidents.

What To Do After You Are Involved In An Uber Accident In Orlando

The first few days after an accident are the most important, starting from the moment that you are involved in the crash. Take a look at a few of the major steps that you should take in order to get the care that you need, as well as to set yourself up for a fair settlement for your injuries with as little stress as possible.

Call 911

Whether you or someone else at the scene of the accident calls, it is absolutely essential that 911 is alerted of the accident so they can dispatch police, fire, and EMTs. If you are able to contact 911 yourself, be sure to tell the operator about any relevant information you can relay, such as any serious injuries or serious hazards that they can pass on to the first responders.

Prioritize Your Medical Care

Whether you receive emergency care at the scene of the crash, whether or not you require an ambulance ride to the hospital, or if you are able to leave the scene on your own, it is absolutely imperative that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Of course, the most important reason is to ensure that your medical issues are addressed, but it is also very important that you establish a record of these injuries as early as possible.

Hire an Uber Attorney

Before you take any administrative steps such as initiating your claim or contacting the insurance companies, hire a lawyer who can help you through every step of the process. From the moment you first make contact with the insurance company, every single statement, document, and piece of information that you submit will be used against you if at all possible, and an attorney will be able to limit their ability to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Accidents in Orlando

Are passengers protected in the event of an Uber car accident?

Luckily, a passenger who is injured in an Uber accident has very adequate coverage for their injuries and other damages. In most cases, the first insurance policy that the passenger will seek compensation from is the driver’s own insurance policy. If this policy reaches its limits and the passenger is still entitled to additional compensation, Uber has a $1 million policy that will cover any overages. 

Although it is good news that a passenger has ample access to financial compensation, this does not necessarily mean that it will be easy to get the money they deserve. This is why it is so important to work with an attorney who can help you understand what you are actually entitled to, and will then help you fight to get it.

How does insurance coverage work for an Uber driver?

Since Uber drivers are independent contractors who perform a specific task for Uber Technologies, Inc., there are some complexities to the insurance coverage. Essentially, when an Uber driver is actively using the app and is in the process of driving a passenger, then the maximum Uber coverage applies. If the driver is not engaged in performing work through the Uber app, then Uber has nothing to do with the accident and you will be seeking compensation solely through their personal insurance.

There are many different situations that go beyond these simple examples and can further complicate things like coverage and how to file a claim, which is why an Uber accident lawyer in Orlando is such a big help.

Are accident claims the same with ride-sharing services other than Uber?

Whether you were in a Lyft accident, Uber accident, or any other type of ride-share service, your insurance process will be similar. The specifics for each company, such as policy limits, driver coverage, and more will vary depending on the legal guidelines set forth by the specific company, but this is why it is so important to hire an attorney who is experienced with ride-share accidents in Orlando.

Understanding these intricacies, especially through a history of successful ride-share accident settlements, is the best way to get through this process with the compensation that you rightfully deserve.