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Lathe Accident

If you have been injured either on the job or while performing work-related duties, then you are very likely covered by your employer’s Florida workers’ compensation policy. This policy is a legal requirement in nearly every business (except for a few exclusions), and provides financial support to the injured party while also protecting the employer from assuming liability or being sued for their involvement in the accident. Since filing a claim against this policy is much different than filing a tort claim against a liable party, the process is often simpler and less contentious; however, this does not mean that you are guaranteed to get a payment that you rightfully deserve without putting time and energy towards the application and claims process. This claims process can feel like a difficult or overwhelming process as you try to focus on your recovery, which is why working with an experienced attorney in Orlando can be such an important decision.

The award-winning team at Fasig | Brooks has a history of experience helping clients through Orlando workers’ compensation claims, and we will be happy to bring this experience to your own case and help you get the money you deserve. We offer a free initial consultation to victims of workplace accidents where we can discuss the specifics of your situation and give you a better understanding of how we can help. We encourage you to take advantage of this consultation as soon as possible so we can gather the facts and get started on your case today. 

Read more about workers’ compensation claims in Orlando below, and contact us as soon as possible to partner with our firm today.

What To Do After a Workplace Injury

The following steps are a general guideline of how to handle a workplace injury. Your situation will likely require a unique approach, so keep these steps in mind but be sure to use your judgment and intuition as you determine how to get the necessary care as soon as possible.

Get Medical Care

The most important thing to do after any accident is to get medical attention immediately. Depending on the severity of your injury, this may require calling 911. If you do not need to call 911, it is still important that you see a doctor as soon as possible so that they can both provide you with the necessary care, AND produce documentation that will prove your injuries as you work through the workers’ compensation claim. Without proof, your claim will be much more difficult to get a payment for.

File an Accident Report

You will need to report your injury to your employer, and depending on the internal protocol for workplace injuries you may either need to file an accident report yourself, or your manager may need to complete one on your behalf. Regardless of who produces the report, it is important that you include all relevant details in the report. Provide this information early, as it is easy to forget key details as time goes by — especially while you are focusing on recovering from serious injuries. 

Contact An Attorney

Worker’s compensation claims are meant to be simple, and while they typically are, working with an attorney is the best way to ensure that no detail is overlooked and that you have the best chances of getting the money you truly deserve. Contact us as soon as possible so that you can focus on your recovery while we lead the way for every step of this process, reducing your stress and giving you the mental space you deserve to prioritize healing.

Common Types of Workplace Injuries

The following are just a few examples of the many ways that someone can be injured at work. Depending on the nature of your work, the specifics of the situation where you were injured, and more, these examples may or may not resemble your own experience. Whether or not you see your own accident listed below, contact our firm as soon as possible to get specific advice on how you can proceed with your unique injuries and get the compensation you need and deserve.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Whether you work in an office or a construction site, the risk of a repetitive strain injury is always present. These injuries happen when the affected area suffers microscopic tears and inflammation, leading to a widespread and painful injury that makes it difficult to continue to perform their work.

Cuts and Laceration

Cuts and lacerations can range from minor injuries that have no long-term impact on your work performance to significant, life-threatening injuries that require immediate medical intervention. If you have suffered from a major laceration and the doctor requires rest for recovery, you will need compensation for your missed work — in addition to your medical bills and other associated costs.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

In certain industries, the risk of being exposed to harmful toxins and chemicals is much more common than in others. If you are exposed to harmful chemicals there are risks for both acute injuries and long-term illnesses, both of which must be addressed by workers’ compensation to ensure that you do not suffer the financial consequences of these injuries.

Slips and Falls

A slip and fall accident is a risk no matter what type of work you perform, and the injuries that these types of accidents can cause may be significant and life-changing. Make sure that you file an accident report with your supervisor or employer as soon as possible, and get the necessary medical attention immediately to be sure that you are able to receive appropriate care and work towards making a recovery.

Falling Objects

“Struck-by” hazards are very common in the construction industry, but there are risks in all industries. You may be struck by a box of files on a top shelf in your office or may be struck by a falling tool on a jobsite, but regardless the outcome is the same: you have suffered an injury that requires medical care, and you are entitled to workers’ compensation.

Muscle Strains

Strains and sprains are also extremely common injuries in workers’ compensation claims, and as with the other injuries mentioned above, they can take place no matter the industry or your specific job. Our firm will be able to help you make sense of your injury and start working towards fair compensation as soon as we begin our work together.