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Being in any type of accident in Tallahassee, FL is always a frightening experience —much more so when a workplace accident is involved. This is even more stressful when you’re afraid to report your workplace injury because you’re worried that it can adversely impact your current employment, chances for advancement, or future hire-ability. Your injuries may be severe, but not reporting them may also have a long-term impact on your life. That’s when you need an attorney. 

If you have suffered workplace injuries, you need the help of a Fasig | Brooks law firm Tallahassee workers’ compensation attorney. We will rapidly assess the situation of your individual case and determine the best course of action for your job-related injury. 

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We will fight to help you get the medical care you need for your workplace accident and work tirelessly to get you compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Call us today to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation where we can talk about your workers’ comp case. Time is of the essence when it comes to your work-related injury, and we are ready to start as soon as you need us to. You don’t have to accept a claim denial that you don’t agree with. Call today.

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Implementing Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Tallahassee FL

A workers’ compensation claim can be complicated. There are also many ways in which workplace injury cases may develop, including the possibility of receiving a lump sum settlement for your work-related damages, even when you are already getting monthly compensation from the insurance company. On the other hand, your claim may also be denied.

We Will Investigate Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Talk to our Tallahassee workers’ compensation lawyers today. We will thoroughly investigate your work-related accident, investigating every aspect of your claim to ensure that you will receive the settlement you are entitled to for your work-related injury.

Our experience dealing with insurance companies has shown us that they typically don’t have a victim’s best interests in mind when it comes to making a settlement offer. On the contrary, they will likely make you a lowball offer that will be insufficient to cover your medical expenses. Furthermore, it’s common for insurance companies to pressure accident victims to accept the offer. You should never accept a settlement or sign a waiver until you have talked to your Fasig | Brooks law firm attorney. 

We know that insurance companies fight paying claims and will offer injured workers the lowest amount possible. They may say that it is not necessary for you to work with a lawyer on your workers’ compensation claim, but they do have a team of lawyers working for them and defending their side. 

Even the playing field by working with a Tallahassee workers’ compensation lawyer from Fasig | Brooks. Call us today, and let us get our legal services started working on your defense.

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Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury Claims

Whenever you are in an accident, you have the option of bringing a case against the party responsible for your injuries. As the plaintiff, however, it’s your burden to demonstrate negligence on the part of whoever caused you harm. 

The same is not necessary for work-related injuries, though. An employee is not required to prove negligence on the part of the employer. This means that workers’ compensation cases can move along much faster than personal injury claims and do not require long to be resolved.

Through a workers’ compensation claim, someone injured at work can quickly receive medical and income-replacing benefits. Let us work with you to make sure you receive every dollar that you are entitled to from workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Employees who suffer occupational injuries or illnesses are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits — providing their injuries are related to their employment. In some cases, it is quite straightforward to prove that the accident took place at work. An example of this is when an employee gets hurt because their job entails a repetitive motion. These are referred to as repetitive stress injuries and are not caused by a single event. However, other cases may not be so clear-cut, and it will be up to your workers’ comp lawyer in Tallahassee to prove that there is a connection between your injury and your employment.

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These are some of the most frequent questions that the workers’ compensation lawyers at Fasig | Brooks hear from our clients. 

What are the most common causes of work-related injuries?

Slips or trips and falls

These accidents occur when employees fall due to oily or wet floors, stairs with no handrails, loose carpeting, poor lighting, clutter, holes in the ground, etc.

Overexertion and Muscle Strain

When employees repeatedly use improper lifting techniques, frequently lift heavy objects, or must lift, push, carry, or throw heavy items on a daily basis, they can sustain a muscle strain or overexertion injury.

Falling Objects or Being Struck

Employees can be struck by falling or moving objects when there is falling debris or materials, when people bump into equipment, when items fall from heights, or there is excessive vibration. It is common for workers to suffer injuries or even a permanent disability.


Many employees drive vehicles for work and can consequently be involved in collisions. They may also get stuck under an overturned vehicle, fall from the vehicle, or can be struck by objects falling from an elevated vehicle.

Exposure to Toxic Substances or Noise

Hazardous chemicals or loud noises can cause injuries to the skin, ears, eyes, and respiratory system.

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation?

To be eligible for workers’ compensation, an employee must work for an employer who carries workers’ compensation insurance, the injury or illness must have happened at work, and the employee must meet their state’s deadline for reporting the injury and filing a workers’ compensation claim. 

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Accidents at work can have severe consequences, and you want to have the best legal help available when you are dealing with injuries and grief. The compassionate and experienced lawyers at Fasig | Brooks will examine your case and follow through until you get the compensation you deserve. Call today.