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Man Holds Pinwheel With Broken Arm From Vacation Accident

Suffering an injury on vacation is no laughing matter. It’s painful, expensive, and can ruin an event you and your family have planned for months. Rental companies, restaurants, parks, and hotels should be accountable for your injuries when their actions have caused you harm.

However, whether the injury was the result of a criminal attack, a faulty jet ski rental, a slip and fall, or another kind of negligence, liability insurers will argue that you were responsible for your vacation accident injury. They will fight to minimize or even deny your claim.

When liability insurers raise defenses to tourism injury claims, the Tallahassee vacation accident attorneys at Fasig Brooks know how to investigate and hold them liable. We have a reputation among liability insurers as aggressive advocates who get full compensation for their clients.

The Insurance Provider Will Not Have Your Best Interests at Heart

When in contact with an insurance claims adjuster, you have the ability to safeguard your legal interests. Do not provide the adjuster with a recorded statement since they can use it against you in the future. You should not concede blame, and you should not accept the first suggested settlement.

Insurance companies routinely take advantage of their customers when they are filing claims for injuries. A common practice among insurance companies is to provide their customers with fewer benefits than are allowed under their policies, even while the maximum benefits are available. 

They make every effort to get claimants to settle for the lowest amount of money possible.

You are not compelled to communicate with the insurance claims adjusters on your own. You have the option of working with a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests. A travel accident lawyer can fight to obtain a larger settlement on your behalf. 

Is It Always the Property Owner’s Responsibility if I Am Injured on Their Premises?

Many individuals assume they may file a lawsuit against any property owner if they are injured on their premises, however, this is not true. For instance, if you were in a restricted location or contributed to the accident in some way, the owner may not be solely responsible.

You may have a viable claim, however, if you can demonstrate that the owner, manager, or employees did not take reasonable precautions to protect your safety. A vacation accident lawyer in Tallahassee can investigate to help to determine the sources of liability.

Some accidents that a Tallahassee property owner might be liable for can include the following:

  • Escalator or elevator safety hazards and failures
  • Foodborne illness contracted from restaurants or room service
  • Accidents involving public transit and buses
  • Motel bed bug bites
  • Accidents involving rental jet skis, boats, and scuba diving equipment
  • Hotel gym accidents
  • Failure to post warning signs near recognized dangers
  • Insufficient security that resulted in assault or robbery
  • Drownings or accidents in the pool; poolside slips and falls
  • Hotel or premises fires that resulted in injuries
  • Dangers posed by malfunctioning amusement park rides, rental boats, and other products
  • Not ensuring the railings of a staircase are securely fastened to the wall 
  • Not immediately cleaning up spills or repairing plumbing leaks
  • Leaving obstructions or trip hazards on walking surfaces
  • General negligence to remove, correct, or alert individuals of dangers

The property owner or management is responsible for protecting guests, renters, visitors, workers, customers, and others on their property. When precautions are not in place and dangers are not addressed, those who are injured might file a claim for premises liability.

Why You Should Not Share Your Accident or Injuries on Social Media

Even though injuries while traveling are often newsworthy to your close friends, the insurance company and defense counsel will aggressively seek to demonstrate that you caused the accident or acted irresponsibly. They can easily use posts you have made against you in court.

They may take posts or pictures and use them out of context to prove that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim, or their associates may pose as new friends who want to be invited to follow your feed in order to seek damaging information about you. If you have any questions or concerns, your tourist accident lawyer can advise you.

It is critical to check your privacy settings to ensure that only friends and family can view your posts. Request that your friends and relatives refrain from posting photos and social media posts of you during this time to avoid difficulties that might harm your case.

Contact a Vacation Accident Law Firm in Tallahassee to Learn More

When someone gets hurt far from home, it can be hard to know where to find legal help. Since claims must be litigated locally if a settlement cannot be made, it is often more practical and sensible to choose an attorney in the region where your accident happened. 

The insurance company will make efforts to deny the severity of your injuries and put your claim at risk. Comparative negligence defenses and other insurer defenses can be defeated by a skilled attorney.

The Tallahassee vacation accident lawyers of Fasig Brooks have a significant amount of experience, and they are ready to give you personalized service at every step of the claims or litigation process. Your financial recovery is our priority. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.