What is the Average Case Value of a Wrongful Death Case in Gadsden County, Florida?

From jury verdict research, we found only seven litigation cases of wrongful deaths in Gadsden County, Florida. Of these seven cases reported, statistical analyses showed an average case value of $1,287,890.55 within the cases in the sample. While this is the average of all seven cases we saw, the cases had a range of values between $0 ( a defense verdict) and $4,882,305.84. 

In the sample of wrongful death cases in Gadsden County, we saw that one case, or 14.29% of the data, resulted in a defense verdict, 42.86% of the cases resulted in the plaintiff’s verdict, and three cases resulted in a settlement (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. In this pie graph, you can see the breakdown of percentages of verdicts in the sample.

Funds allocated for funeral expenses in an award averaged $5,873.80. Funds allocated for pain and suffering in an award averaged $2,132,500, and funds allocated for loss of services by a spouse, parent, or child in an award averaged $720,737.

It is important to remember that this sample is very small.  Thus its ability to accurately project onto a larger population is also very small. Although these numbers are a good guide, you must keep in mind that every case is different, and these outcomes are not guaranteed.

The average case value for a certain type of injury reveals little about the value of any particular case.  For more complete information about how to place a value on any particular case, please visit our “What is my case worth?” blog series on this website.

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Jimmy Fasig