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The award-winning team at Fasig | Brooks is here to help you get the money that you deserve — as well as space and time you need to focus on recovering from such a painful and traumatic experience. When you have been in a truck accident, taking on the added stress of your insurance claim on your own can be detrimental to your health and counter to your long-term goals of making a healthy recovery. 

We offer a free initial consultation for victims of commercial truck accidents where we can go through and discuss the many specifics of your case before giving you clear and valuable legal advice on how we would move forward — either together or on your own. Knowing that there is help out there can be very helpful in these stressful early days after an accident, and we want you to know that our law firm is willing to fight for what you deserve.


Seeking Compensation After a Truck Accident

The good news about truck accidents (if there is any such thing as good news about an accident) is that semi-truck, and 18-wheeler drivers are covered by commercial insurance that typically has policy limits in excess of $1 million, meaning that you have a lot more room before you run up against these upper limits. The bad news, though, is that commercial insurance is focused on settling for as little as possible, just as much as any other insurer, so we will still need to work aggressively to reach a settlement that accurately represents the full range of damages you have suffered. 

One of the essential qualities of a personal injury and truck accident lawyer is meticulous attention to detail and a willingness to do as much research as possible to ensure that all of your damages are accounted for. This means both your economic and economic damages, because you deserve to be compensated for more than just your medical bills and lost wages. We will go through the emotional and physical impacts, as well, before calculating the full range of damages and negotiating aggressively for a fair and comprehensive settlement.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the basis of any personal injury claim and include the most obvious damages, such as your medical bills and lost wages. Economic damages are, by definition, any impact that has a measurable dollar value like a receipt, invoice, bill, or income statement. While your medical bills and lost wages are essential to this entire category, though, there are many other damages, such as the cost of services you may need to hire to assist with your injuries, such as a driver, grocery shopper, cleaner, and more. 

The critical thing to keep in mind with your economic damages is that every dollar you account for in this category may ultimately equate to 1.5 – 5x that amount with your non-economic damages. This will make more sense when we go into detail about these damages below, which will make it even more transparent why you must work with an attorney who will go through all of the details of your life to ensure that you are compensated fairly and accurately for all of these impacts. 

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are the impacts of an accident that do not have set or measurable dollar values associated with them. These impacts are things like the actual pain and suffering you will endure from your injuries, as well as the emotional impacts of such a traumatic and painful experience. As you can imagine, calculating a dollar amount for something as abstract as “depression” can be overwhelming for a victim and is an easy target for an insurance adjuster who is focused on limiting the amount of money ultimately paid out to the claimant. Fortunately for you, the team at Fasig | Brooks has years of experience calculating and successfully negotiating these damages.

One of the most common ways of calculating non-economic damages is using a multiplier, a number typically between 1.5 and 5 that is used to indicate the overall severity of all of the non-economic damages a victim has suffered. You and your attorney will go through all of the non-economic damages you have suffered and consider the severity on this scale. Once you have reached a clear and understandable number, they will be multiplied by your economic damages. If, for example, your total economic damages were $100,000 and you reached a non-economic multiplier of 3x, then your total non-economic damages will total out to $300,000.

Negotiating a Settlement

Once your attorney has reached a total figure, they will need to present this to the insurance adjuster. They will almost certainly need to negotiate to close the gap between their initial offer and the amount they believe you truly deserve. In most instances, these negotiations result in a settlement agreement, but there are many times where you may need to take your case in front of a judge. To get a better sense of how your case may be handled, contact our firm today. 

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The sooner you contact us for your free initial consultation, the sooner you will understand how to best move forward with your case. Commercial insurance is much more complicated than passenger vehicle insurance. The amount of data, regulations and additional details required to complete a full investigation of a trucking accident can easily overwhelm a victim. When we are working on your case, you will be able to get all of the information you need about your case, but will not feel bogged down or overwhelmed by all of the minor details and updates that would otherwise flood your thoughts. 

We look forward to speaking with you and hope to help you through this process towards the best possible outcome.