Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks are one of the most essential vehicles out on the road every day, whether or not we feel that way if we are stuck behind a large, smelly truck that makes continuous stops as we are trying to get to our destination. It can be easy to forget that the trash collectors’ safety is at stake each time they hop out of the truck to make a collection, which is why they typically do not make it a point to allow vehicles to pass. Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration from drivers who may choose to engage in reckless behavior such as passing multiple vehicles, including the garbage truck, in order to get free of the traffic and continue on their way. In other instances, the garbage truck driver themselves may engage in risky or dangerous behavior that can lead to an accident.

Getting into an accident with a garbage truck can be a terrifying, dangerous experience. These vehicles are very large, and the size difference between a garbage truck and passenger vehicle is quickly apparent during a collision. In addition to the size difference, there is the added variable of weight, especially if the truck is carrying a full load, as well as the potential of hazardous materials that you may be exposed to as a result of the accident.

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The sooner you are in contact with our firm, the sooner you will have legal support to take on this case. After an accident with a garbage truck, you will be filing a claim with a commercial insurance company that either represents a private garbage collection company or a municipal works division, but regardless the process will not be simple if you are hoping to get a fair amount of money back for your accident. 

Insurance companies capitalize on the stress and pain of claimants in order to settle cases for much less than a victim is entitled to. When you have been hurt in an accident and are watching your medical bills pile up while you keep missing work, it can seem like a no-brainer to accept a lump settlement payment from the insurance company as soon as possible, but this settlement is far less than what you deserve. Working with a truck attorney in Jacksonville is one of the best ways to ensure that you can focus on your recovery while there is an experienced legal professional fighting for the money that you truly deserve.

Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

The following are just a few of the many causes of garbage truck accidents, and whether or not you see your accident cause listed below, contact our firm as soon as possible to speak directly with a car accident attorney to learn more about your options for compensation.

Garbage Trucks Stopped In Road

When a garbage truck is on their route, they need to make frequent stops to pick up trash and recycling from roadside drop-off points. In most cases, they are legally required to pull to the side of the road in order to make these collections, but some provisions allow for them to stop in the lane of travel, and in other cases still, a driver may just stop in the road in violation of local law in order to save time. Without proper warning systems like road flares, cones, or signs alerting oncoming drivers to a hazard, stropping in the middle of the road is extremely dangerous and can cause serious harm.

Drivers Trying to Pass Garbage Trucks

In some cases, it is other drivers that cause an accident as a result of a garbage truck. Drivers may get frustrated at the frequent stopping and starting and might decide to pass a garbage truck, either while it is in motion or stopped, which might force them into the lane of oncoming travel. Passing, combined with the limited visibility around such a large vehicle, can lead to disastrous results such as head-on collisions, or could result in an accident with the garbage truck as it pulls back onto the road to go to the next stop.

Garbage Truck Blind Spot Accidents

Garbage trucks and all other large vehicles have blind spots that are much bigger than your standard passenger vehicle, meaning that a garbage truck driver must be aware of these spots and pay close attention to them each time they change lanes or make a turn. Being in the path of a lane-changing garbage truck can result in catastrophic damages, and being alert around these vehicles is no guarantee that you will be able to avoid this type of crash.

There are many other ways that an accident can happen with a garbage truck, and whether or not your situation was listed above, contact us now so that we can discuss the specifics and learn more about how we can work together.