Results for Our Clients

Trucking Accident

$3,000,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client was rendered paraplegic after being rear-ended by tractor trailer.

Negligent Security and Sexual Battery

$450,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered severe emotional and psychological injuries.

Negligent Bar Security

$50,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a fractured jaw.

Negligent Security/Sexual Assault

$112,500 Pre-trial Settlement

7 year-old girl was sexually assaulted by another minor at an apartment complex.

Trucking Accident/Wrongful Death

$2,000,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Mother of client was killed by the driver of a tractor trailer who lost control of his vehicle. Driver of the tractor trailer was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.

Personal Injury

$5,459,008.00 Gross Verdict

Client was injured by a dangerous power tool which was provided to him by the defendant. The power tool's grinding wheel shattered, and a piece of the wheel struck the client in his safety glasses, resulting in total and permanent blindness. $5,459,008.00 gross verdict with 45% comparative negligence.

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault

$37,000 Pre-suit Settlement

Client endured months of sexually explicit comments and improper touching in workplace.

Product Liability

$85,000 Pre-trial Settlement

While inflating a tire on his hand-truck, the tire blew and the rim broke, breaking his wrist, which required surgery.

Auto Accident

$1,000,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Clients sustained traumatic and severe injuries to their necks and spines and other areas of their bodies as a result of a car accident and had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Scooter Crash/Personal Injury

$100,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a two fractured vertebrae in his neck after a scooter crash.

Premises Liability

$980,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a knee injury which required multiple surgeries.

Auto Accident

$100,000 Settlement

Client suffered a fractured clavicle requiring surgical repair after being t-boned in a car accident.

Motorcycle Crash/Negligent Maintenance

$830,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a severe leg injury which required multiple surgeries.

Auto Accident

$100,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a lower back injury requiring surgery after being rear-ended.

Auto Accident

$750,466 Settlement

Hard-working client catastrophically injured in automobile wreck. Defendant challenged amount of damages. The case was tried before a Leon County jury, who awarded a $750,466,10 verdict. A 15% post-trial reduction of the verdict was agreed to by the parties as our client was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the wreck.

Dram Shop/Liquor Liability/Wrongful Death - Auto Accident

$735,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Daughter of client was killed in a motor vehicle collision after being served alcohol underage at a club.

Product Liability

$125,000 Federal Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered severe neck injuries requiring hospitalization and surgey due to vehicle frame failure.

Trucking Accident

$725,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client broad-sided a truck that pulled into his lane of travel. Client sustained neck, shoulder and arm injuries requiring multiple surgeries.

Auto Accident

$125,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered an ankle injury which required surgery after being in a car accident.

Motorcycle Accident

$705,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Father of client who was riding a motorcycle was cut-off by a commercial box truck resulting in death.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$145,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a shoulder injury which required multiple surgeries.

Motorcycle Crash

$450,000 Pre-trial Settlement

A newlywed young man was killed due to a rear-end collision. He was driving his motorcycle home from work and he was about to make a left turn onto the street where he lived. He stopped to allow oncoming traffic to pass when he was rear-ended by a taxi cab that was traveling at an excessive rate of speed.

Auto Accident

$137,500 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a lower back injury requiring nerve ablations after being rear-ended.

Auto Accident

$150,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a lower back injury requiring surgery after being rear-ended.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$305,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client slipped on water at a restaurant due to improper drainage and a leaky soda fountain. Client sustained injuries to her neck and shoulder requiring surgeries.

Auto Accident

$150,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client sustained a broken leg and pelvis in an automobile crash due to another driver running a red light.

Sexual Assault

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered severe emotional and psychological injuries due to sexual assault and battery.

Auto Accident

$175,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a severe pelvic injury as a result of a car accident

Auto Accident

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered severely fractured elbow and ankle as a result of a head-on car accident.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$175,000 Settlement

Client slipped and fell in rainwater on a restaurant floor which was not cleaned up or prevented by the restaurant with a non-slip rug or mat. She sustained a herniated disc in her lumbar spine and a partially torn ACL in her knee, both of which required surgery.

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

A young girl died of respiratory failure after being sent home from the emergency room having reported inhaling a plastic hair bead.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$200,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client severely fractured her ankle requiring surgery as the result of a dangerously designed parking lot feature which violated building codes.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client severely injured his shoulder requiring multiple surgeries. Client tripped on a hidden dangerous condition on the defendant’s property while performing work.

Trucking Accident

$200,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a pan-labral tear of his right shoulder after being rear-ended by a commercial box truck

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$275,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client slipped and fell in a grocery store due to water leaking from the ice cooler. She sustained a herniated disc in her neck along with radiculopathy into her shoulder and down her arm. She required a one-level surgical fusion in her neck as a result of the fall.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Auto Accident

$225,000 Pre-trial Settlement

After suffering severe injuries due to a prior car accident, client submitted a claim under the long term disability insurance policy he had purchased, but the insurance company initially attempted to deny his claim.

Brain Injury

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered a mild traumatic brain injury as a result of a drunk driving car accident

Auto Accident

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Our client was hit head on by a driver with no bodily Injury coverage, a crash that caused the other vehicle to catch on fire and our client to endure an extended hospital stay with multiple surgeries.

Negligent Security

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Failure of a business to provide security against crime occurring at or near its business.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Elderly client sustained several broken bones requiring surgery after tripping on a dangerous condition in a restaurant due to inadequate lighting.

Premises Liability/Personal Injury

Confidential Settlement

A tragic case, involving our lovely 22 year-old client, a car wreck, and a catastrophic shooting. Client was involved in a child custody dispute with father of 14 month old daughter. As she was leaving the premises, the boyfriend crashed his truck into our client's car, making it impossible for her to open the door and exit her vehicle. The boyfriend then walked over the hood of his truck after removing a rifle from the vehicle. He presented the weapon right next to our client's left cheek, threatening her not to leave. She did not believe the gun was loaded, so he pulled the trigger. Tragically, the rifle was loaded. The bullet traveled from our client's left cheek and exited from under her right eye. She was instantly and permanently blinded in both eyes. Their daughter, sitting in a baby seat only a few feet away, was thankfully uninjured. We reached a quick settlement for the automobile insurance policy limits maintained on the boyfriend's truck. However, a lawsuit was filed against the boyfriend and his mother, the owner of the premises. Case eventually settled for a confidential amount, including amounts for the daughter and an older son. Our valiant client has made great efforts to lead a full life despite losing her sight.

Premises Liability

Confidential Settlement

A young college student suffered a broken back, among other injuries, after falling into an elevator shaft through a negligently maintained elevator system. Defendant denied liability throughout and only resolved case after a $288,000 verdict (30% comparative negligence on client), a remittitur of future medical damages, and after jury selection in the re-trial on future medical damages only. Case was litigated over 4 years.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect - Medical Malpractice

Confidential Settlement

Elderly client with Alzheimer's disease was a long-time resident of a local nursing home. Nursing home knew that client exhibited signs of delirium, was prone to wandering, and recognized his potential for elopement, thus fitting him with a wandergard. Client exited nursing home unattended through a door that was not alarmed and/or had an inoperative alarm, so that despite wearing a wandergard, his departure did not trigger an alarm. Client roamed the vicinity of the nursing home for the next day unattended, disoriented, and exposed to inclement weather conditions, before suffering a fatal heart attack in a wooded area about a mile from the nursing home.

Premises Liability - Slip and Fall Accident

$30,000 Settlement

Client sustained broken tibia and will eventually require bilateral knee replacements after stepping on a sheet of linoleum backing, causing her to fall.

Auto Accident

$50,000 Settlement

Client sustained balance issues, headaches, neck pain, and bilateral shoulder and leg pain after being hit by an Uber driver who ran a stop sign.

Auto v. Pedestrian Accident - Auto Acciden

$37,500 Settlement

Client sustained multiple lacerations and injuries to her neck, low back, shoulder and wrist when struck by a pick-up truck while walking in crosswalk.

Auto Accident

$60,000 Settlement

Client sustained carpal tunnel injuries to both wrists, requiring surgery, in addition to neck injury and headaches after being rear ended.

Auto Accident

$300,000 Settlement

Client suffered broken femur requiring hospital stay and extensive surgery after being hit by negligent driver running a redlight and crashing into vehicle he was riding in.

Auto Accident

$300,000 Settlement

Client suffered broken femur requiring hospital stay and extensive surgery after being hit by negligent driver running a redlight and crashing into vehicle he was riding in.

Auto Accident

$25,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Client sustained herniated disc in back after being struck by negligent driver improperly changing lanes.

Medical Malpractice

$205,000 Pre-trial Settlement

33 year-old man with two children died from over-prescription of opioid medication.

Auto Accident

$122,500 Pre-trial Settlement

Client suffered neck, back, and hand pain and a concussion after t-bone collision pushed her vehicle off the road and into a street lamp.

Premises Liability

$100,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client sustained ankle and hip injuries requiring total hip replacement after falling into poorly marked hole at campground.

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Client Reviews

Superior, Professional and Kind. Dana Brooks will LISTEN then take action for your good. Highly recommend the firm services.

- Robert E

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From the very beginning Tony and Kele made me feel welcomed. They were very professional and showed that my case mattered. Thank you Tony and Kele! I will highly recommend.

- Willie Wiggins

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Hands-down the best firm to go with. Carrie Roane and Brittney Jarvis are my warriors. From the time I stepped foot in their office, they took charge of my case. Carrie grabbed my case by the horns and never let go until the job was done. She fought tooth and nail for me. They are passionate about what they do. If I had a question, all I had to do is call, email or even text them personally and the response was prompt and detailed to my expectations. They treated me as if my case was their main priority. Very professional and dutiful about each step during the process. They provide the most “OUSTANDING” service and these women do their job well. Polite, friendly, and precise - what could anyone ask for?

- Kimberly P

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My case was not a large case, but you would never know that by care and effort of Jimmy Fasig and the whole family at Fasig and Brooks. The first care of the firm was my physical well being..only after making sure I was on a proper road to recovery did the issue of financial recovery come into play. It might sound corny but I indeed walked in a potential client and now feel as though I have a firm of friends lead by Jimmy Fasig who I am proud to call a buddy....Yes I would use them again and feel free to personal message me if you have any question of how well you will be treated by this great bunch of folks.

- Mike M

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Tony was amazing very professional and cares about his clients. This firm was there to help with my every need as well very nice and polite. They made to whole process transparent from updates, emails and phones call. It was wonderful working with a group of passionate individuals who love helping people.

- Eugene J

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I am very fortunate to have come in contact with Jimmy Fasig and the hardworking attorneys/paralegals over at Fasig and Brooks. My case was fairly delicate and time consuming, at times I really wasn't sure what to expect. Thanks to Jimmy Fasig I just received a settlement check only a week ago and should be receiving another within the upcoming days. I really can't thank him enough, he truly exceeding my expectations and due to his care and attention to my every concern I can honestly say that this is the best experience I have ever had with an attorney. I truly value how hard he worked for me and am grateful to think of him as a friend. Wish you guys the best and will definitely recommend you to anyone in need. Take care

- Joseph M

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Jimmy and Dana are the real thing. What you see on the commercials is what you get in person. I have Jimmy's number in my phone now :) Dana is the powerhouse you see, but super easy to talk to. Kinda like that sister that is going to beat up the bully for you. I highly recommend this team. They are the best!

- Dana DB

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Tony and Kele are absolutely AMAZING!! I am so blessed to have had them represent me. They were always professional, caring, patient, transparent, and kept me informed every step of the way. Even after my case was settled, I appreciated the follow-up and the personal touches that went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Tony to be your next attorney!

- Laricia

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My son who is an attorney researched and found this representation for me. I am very pleased with the excellent outcome. Thank you again!

- Sandra K Simpson MD

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If you are looking for a more personalized and professional attention they are the best option. This was my first time dealing with a lawyer and it was a pleasant one. I was referred to them by another lawyer, Tina Willis, who was the first I contacted after my car accident hoping she could take my case based on her reviews and also because I was looking for some more personalized attention than the big companies you see on TV where you become just another case number. After talking and explaining my case, Tina took it, however at the same time she referred me to Fasig Brooks, specifically to Carrie Roane, and with the help of Brittney Waldo they handle my case in a really professional manner but at the same time friendly and caring. Carrie was really easy to get in touch and she or Brittney always answer in the best manner my questions or concerns. They explain me all the process, advise me to take the best decisions and finally managed to reach a very favorable agreement. If I ever need a lawyer, I’ll not hesitate to contact them. Thank you so much for your caring and professionalism.

- Eduardo Acuna

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I highly recommend Fasig | Brooks. There's no doubt they are the best lawyers you can hire. Their customer service goes beyond what you can expect. And they will help you, guide you and explain you absolutely everything so that you are properly informed. My experience with Fasig | Brooks attorneys has been extremely good. Especially Jimmy, Carrie and Brittney who have been very helpful throughout my entire process. Since the first day, Mr. Jimmy Fasig contacted me by phone and he received me in his office to explain how everything worked. He was very aware all the time and he got me absolutely everything I needed to make my life easier. Mrs. Carrie along with Brittney were extremely helpful and they explained and guided me at all times to make the right decisions regarding my case. They made it clear to me what were the steps to follow and never failed to keep me informed. They are extremely nice, very professional! Thank you Fasig | Brooks!

- Santiago Rodriguez

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I would like to say that Tony Fusco was a very good choice to represent me. He's well respected also he's great at what he do!! I would suggest his service to anyone who is not looking to be let down.

- Brittney Wilson

google rating image

Attorney Carrie Roane and her paralegal Brittney absolutely rock. These ladies are simply the best. They are sweet, kind, understanding, and most importantly dedicated and professional. I love love love these ladies.

- Tanesia Everitt

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They were very nice, patient, and considerate throughout the duration of the case. They are a very nice firm!

- Conqualla

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Jim Fasig is not just an attorney, he has treated me with compassion and concern. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with him.

- Name Withheld On Request

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Tried and Tested! They get positive results while making you feel like part of the family. The only firm that I recommend to my family and friends in need of their services.

- Carl R. Calhoun

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Florida, do yourself a favor and call Carrie Roane. You won’t regret it. She is very knowledgeable about personal injury cases. She and her staff are professional, courteous and make you feel like your case is important to them. I feel like she would work as hard for a hundred thousand dollar case as she would for a million dollar case. My emails were always promptly answered and I was kept up to date on what was happening with each step, Ms. Roane just settled a case for me and she more than exceeded my expectations. Words can’t begin to describe what a wonderful job she did. She got my case settled quickly and was able to get me compensation that I never expected and never dreamed possible. She looks at the case from every angle to get her client the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Ms Roane and her firm if you want someone that will fight for you and know how to negotiate with the big insurance companies.

- Shelby Meredith

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My experience with my attorney Kimberly Hogan was absolutely the best. She and her staff were very professional in handling my case. I feel very confident with Fasig | Brooks handling anything for me and my family. Thank you very much !!!

- Alton

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My experience with Fasig | Brooks has been nothing but extraordinary from start to finish. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and truly care about their customers. They are great community partners and always go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting local organizations. Fasig | Brooks continuously encourage their employees to give back as much as possible. I would highly recommend them!

- Julian

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I am very grateful to have been referred to Fasig | Brooks, who have been highly efficient, professional and compassionate in representing my concerns. My expectations have been exceeded, as they easily gained my trust and have represented me with the highest of integrity. Their administrative team is first rate. I will be referring this, most consummate of firms to friends & family.

- Karen

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I highly recommend Fasig | Brooks. Each experience with the firm has been nothing but professional. Renee is very skilled, proficient, and a joy to work with. All of my question were answered and she helped to make the process seamless. Thanks again

- James

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I just have to say the staff of Fasig | Brooks are great examples of positive professionals in the community! Keep up the AWESOME work!

- Ihesha

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My experience with Fasig | Brooks has been nothing but the best from the start to the end. They took me under their wing and helped me through a tragic time of my life. The staff treats you like family and not another client. I was thankful and blessed to have Attorney Jaeson Homola representing me. He is a great asset to the company. Attorney Homola was very professional, knowledgeable and respectful to me and my family. He and his paralegal Carrie Martin took care of everything and kept me in the loop. I 100% would and have recommend Fasig | Brooks as they will always have your back.

- Tonia

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When you interact with other people, businesses, or even property, you have every right to expect that you will be safe from harm.

When you interact with other people, businesses, and property, you should expect to be kept safe from harm. This obligation stems from the duty of care owed to you by other parties. If someone causes an accident by violating this duty of care, you may be entitled to damages based on your economic losses.

There are several accidents that make you eligible for compensation pursued through civil court. If you want to pursue damages in civil court, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced attorney. 

Fasig | Brooks has decades of experience that can help you understand your rights and options as an injured party. We’re prepared to help you challenge a defendant and their insurance provider in court.

Work With an Attorney Who Can Fight for Your Personal Injury Rights

Attempting to deal directly with a liable party after an accident without help from a personal injury lawyer can be a stressful experience. When you collaborate with an experienced professional, however, you can focus on your recovery. At the same time, our team can gather evidence of negligence and prepare to present it before a civil judge.

Fasig | Brooks is a powerful personal injury law firm known for its newsworthy case results. More than that, we pride ourselves on hosting a team of experienced Jacksonville personal injury lawyers. We believe in fighting for justice for the people in our community during your time of need.

Client Review Videos

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is simply an injury that a person sustains to their body. While a personal injury claim can address property damaged in a serious accident, property damage often constitutes individual civil action.

Therefore, a personal injury claim is a type of tort process where a victim of an accident seeks compensation from the individual or company that caused the accident. The injured party must prove that one of these institutions is liable for their injuries.

Specifically, today’s personal injury complaints can include cases addressing:

In the face of these challenging losses, know that you have our decades of experience handling personal injury matters at your disposal. Fasig | Brook’s personal injury practice can help you fight for your right to maximum compensation in the face of all manner of personal injury matters.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Your personal injury case needs to hit a few basic check marks if you want to take it to civil court. When you first bring your case to a team of personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville, ask yourself:

Did Someone Else Cause an Accident Due to Negligence, Recklessness, or Malice?

Injured parties have the best chance of bringing a personal injury case forward if they can prove that another party owed them a duty of care at the time the accident occurred. If another party violated that duty of care, you can claim that undue negligence contributed to your accident losses.

For example, if you are hurt in a drunk driving accident, the drunk driver failed their duty of care to keep you from being injured when they decided to drive drunk. Similarly, if you are assaulted and injured, the assailant failed their duty of care not to attack you.

A wrongful death lawsuit stems from this same issue but seeks additional damages for surviving loved ones. You can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in the wake of medical malpractice, an auto accident, or any other personal injury that ultimately leads to the death of the injury victims.

Were You Injured in the Accident?

A failed duty of care determines whether or not you have a solid legal case. It is not the only factor that determines if you can move your lawsuit forward, though. Our team also needs to prove that you were injured due to that violated duty of care. 

Similarly, we must argue that the injuries had had, and will continue to have, a measurable impact on your personal and/or financial health. When we address your case, we take into account all of your losses. 

This means emotional distress, psychological stress, and long-term distress. While the economic impact of these losses may not be as tangible as it is when you contend with a broken bone, the value is still there. We can apply multipliers to your case to determine how a civil court might reflect the value of that strain in conversations about financial compensation.

Common Personal Injury Cases

A wide range of situations can qualify for a personal injury case, provided that someone is responsible for the accident and the victim was injured. That said, the following are some of the most common personal injuries and some of the types of cases that we cover at Fasig | Brooks.

Car Accidents



The United States has roughly 218 million registered drivers and even more registered vehicles. Each day in the United States, an average of 90 people are killed in fatal car accidents. Countless more are injured in nonfatal crashes. What’s more, there are an average of 6 million car accidents every year in the U.S., averaging nearly 17,000 accidents daily.

It is no wonder that car insurance companies are extremely busy handling claims. In the same breath, these companies are motivated to save as much money as possible while settling each claim they handle. You do not have to let a car insurance company get away with offering you an insufficient settlement, though. 

Whether your car accident stemmed from driver negligence or a defective product, we can act on your behalf. Our legal representation can stand with you during settlement negotiations and ensure that the company takes the full breadth of your losses into account.


Car Accident Checklist

Download a copy of our FREE car accident checklist

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accident

Civil courts in Jacksonville, FL, consider slip and fall accidents to be a subset of premises liability issues. Whether you fall on private property or in the workplace, an accident may entitle you to financial recovery for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost opportunities to work
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • Long-term care

These accidents can stem from improper workplace lighting, uneven flooring, broken handrails, and slick floors. Property owners who fail to warn visitors or employees of these unsafe conditions can subsequently be held liable for your related losses.

Our attorneys often help bring a personal injury client’s slip and fall accident forward in civil court. We are prepared to take on property owners and managers through a claim or personal injury lawsuit to get you the money you deserve for the many impacts that you have likely suffered.


Wrongful Death Cases

Sometimes, the injuries resulting from a personal injury accident can prove fatal. These cases are subsequently referred to as wrongful death cases. Our personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville understand that a personal injury client’s feelings surrounding a wrongful death case can be complicated. 

Fortunately, we have the experience to take a nuanced approach to your case. Any manner of personal injury case resulting in the passing of a loved one may entitle the victim’s remaining family to compensation in civil court. Family members, including children, spouses, or parents, can come forward and help present a loved one’s case to a civil judge.

All the while, you can count on our Jacksonville wrongful death lawyers to both fight on your behalf and protect you from undue stress related to your case. We can demand compensation not only for your economic losses but for loss of companionship, loss of consortium, and grief.

Truck Accidents


Accidents involving a commercial truck can result in devastating injuries for all parties involved. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters want to make sure that neither the company nor an individual driver face too much blame for your related losses. As such, these companies can try to get ahead of the release of evidence that might otherwise hold them accountable in court. 

If you find yourself in an accident with an independent truck driver, you can bring a civil claim against that lone person. 

Should an offending driver be on duty at the time an accident occurs, you can alternatively file a lawsuit against that driver’s parent company. Our personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville can use evidence to distinguish the at-fault party before taking your claim before a judge.

Motorcycle Accidents


Florida is a very dangerous state in terms of motorcycle fatalities. The size and safety differences between motorcycles and other vehicles on Florida’s highways can see these accidents result in long-lasting damage for all parties involved.

More specifically, motorcycle drivers are at higher risk of fatal injuries when compared to a car accident because of the lack of protection. Because motorcycles are easily lost in blind spots, riders can also fall victim to traffic accidents with greater frequency than larger vehicles.

While Florida is still in the process of making the road a safer environment for its motorcyclists, an injured motorcyclist’s primary course of action after an accident lies in Florida’s civil courts. You can bring your losses to our team and discuss how tort law can help you restore some of your accident-related losses.

Bicycle Accidents


Bicycles, as with motorcycles, are a great mode of transportation in sunny Florida weather. Unfortunately, it can be extremely dangerous to bike through Jacksonville. In fact, Florida has the most bicycle fatalities in the United States. This danger may be attributed to a combination of a lack of infrastructure for safe cycling.

In the face of roadway accidents, cyclists can also blame drunk driving, unclear expectations for sharing the road, and similar negligence for their losses. 

If you want to bring a bicycle accident claim forward in civil court, you can account for the types of damage you endured and through what means you believe they came to be. Our team can help corroborate your assessment in an initial claim.

Pedestrian Accidents


As a pedestrian, you have every right to expect that you should be able to travel safely throughout Jacksonville. So long as you abide by the crosswalk, sidewalk, and other related pedestrian laws, the state claims you should remain safe from accidents.

Unfortunately, these measures do not keep pedestrians safe from harm for various reasons that are often out of the pedestrian’s control. Florida has adopted policies similar to Vision Zero to combat these safety issues, but safety is still not guaranteed.

Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation, where we can discuss the nature of your accident and the extent of your injuries. We can also determine what your next steps should look like, should you want to fight for loss-based compensation.

Uber Accidents


When you get into the back of an Uber, you expect the driver – and the company – to protect you. This, unfortunately, is not always the case. Uber drivers can be as prone to negligence as other commercial drivers, not to mention private motorists. Fortunately, Uber has measures in place designed to protect its passengers from harm.

So long as an Uber driver is on duty at the time of an accident, they benefit from the full breadth of Uber’s insurance. The gray areas surrounding a driver’s time on duty can complicate your right to financial support, though. Similarly, it can make holding an Uber driver responsible for their negligent behavior challenging.

You do not have to let yourself become overwhelmed by Uber’s attempts to avoid its legal responsibility to you. Instead, you can call on our team. Our experienced attorneys can help you minimize your pocket expenses by ensuring that Uber and related parties do their time before a civil judge. This way, you can focus on recovering from your losses.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

As you can see by some of the examples provided above, working with a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville is one of the most effective ways to handle a civil case. We fight for justice on your behalf while also maximizing your financial recovery.

When we take on your case, we see it as our job to address both your legal and emotional concerns. That is why our team takes a balanced approach to your case. We can keep you up to date as your case progresses and tell you what steps we have taken to better present your argument to a judge.

At the same time, we can work out how involved you want to be in the creation and presentation of your case ahead of time. This way, you can focus on your recovery while we navigate the legal hoops surrounding your case.

Why Fasig | Brooks?

Our team of award-winning personal injury attorneys prioritizes customer service over anything. This means that an accident victim’s comfort is the most important thing to us throughout the pursuit of your case.

At the same time, we fight aggressively to get you the compensation you deserve. Our history of successful legal cases represents the lengths to which we will go to get you the compensation you deserve.

We can get into the specifics of your case and preferred support during a free initial case consultation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we will be able to strategize about how we can effectively work together. When you bring your case to Fasig | Brooks, you can trust that you will be treated like part of the family.

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