Aggressive Driving Accident Attorney in Destin and Miramar Beach, FL

Every year, aggressive drivers wreck cars in reckless car crashes due to their brash behavior. Research shows that up to 66% of traffic fatalities were indirectly caused by aggressive driving. Also known as road rage, aggressive driving has involved eight out of ten people on average. If you deal with an aggressive driver on the road who caused you to get into a serious car crash, you should reach out to attorneys who know how to handle this kind of case. Speak to a law firm that can fully support you through such a stressful time. For additional information on how to move forward with your aggressive driving accident settlement claim, call Fasig | Brooks for a free consultation in Destin and Miramar Beach, FL.

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What Is Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving occurs when one or more drivers yell, make rude hand gestures, excessively honk, and express their anger in other ways. This can occur because of slow traffic because someone cut them off knowingly or unknowingly, or for other reasons that irritated the driver. When this occurs, the angry driver will start behaving recklessly, putting the lives of other drivers around them in danger. 

What Are Some Examples Of Aggressive Driving?

An aggressive driver may use many tactics to get back at you or another driver for their behavior. This can include any of the following:

Illegal Passing

When it isn’t safe for another person to pass a vehicle, this is called illegal passing. This can include passing a vehicle and going into oncoming traffic, driving on shoulders, or passing on sidewalks. 


A frequent form of aggressive driving is tailgating, which happens when one car follows too closely behind the car ahead of them. Tailgating puts pressure on the car in front to drive faster. It can also result in an accident if the car being tailgated has to suddenly stop because of the car ahead of them. 

Reckless Driving

Aggressive drivers may lean out of their car and yellow, throw objects, and do other negative behavior to get revenge on the person who upset them. This can cause them to sway in their lane, distract other drivers, cut drivers off, and other dangerous behavior. 

Illegal Turns

An aggressive driver may perform illegal turns that cause them to cut off oncoming traffic. When raging on the road, they may make a right turn when it isn’t their turn to go or cut into traffic by making a left turn. 


Speeding and racing down the road after being angered is another way aggressive drivers lash back. They may suddenly speed up to get around a slow driver or away from the person that was irritating them. 

Not Yielding

Because they are upset, an aggressive driver may decide to cut into traffic and not yield as they speed off. They may not have even noticed there was a yield sign if they were too emotional and blowing off steam. 

Ignoring Traffic Signs

An incredibly angry driver may ignore traffic signs and fly past a red light if they were held up too long by a slow driver. This can cause serious accidents when the other traffic lights turn green. 

Aggressive Driving Statistics 

When considering fatal motor vehicle crashes that result in death, aggressive driving contributed to 54% of these accidents. Road range causes 1,800 injuries every year. One of the main reasons for aggressive driving was due to running late, passing on the right-hand side of the road, and following a car too quickly. Males were found to be more likely to engage in road rage compared to women. Tailgating, yelling, honking, blocking changing lanes, gesturing, confronting, bumping, ramming cars, and cutting people off were many aggressive driving behavior patterns. Drivers between 25 to 39 were more likely to engage in road rage. However, the most extreme road ragers appeared to be between the ages of 19 and 24 because they were more likely to bump and ram another car or block a car from changing lanes. 

What Should I Do After I Experienced An Aggressive Driver And Got Into A Car Accident?

Getting into a road rage accident isn’t fun, and you should never have to approach the other party about the incident. Instead, rely on our team to get the job done, so no confrontation is required. Your aggressive driving accident attorney can investigate your claim and determine who can be held liable for your personal injuries. They can use the evidence collected to strengthen your case. Our attorneys will also accurately estimate your damages so that you receive fair compensation. Find out more by speaking to one of your experienced team members. Call Fasig | Brooks for a free consultation.