Faulty Handrail Accidents

A Florida faulty handrail accident lawyer can help recover compensation for damages.

Handrails are meant to prevent falls, but a faulty one can be dangerous. A slip-and-fall victim can present all types of injuries after such an accident, and the physical, emotional, and financial costs can be overwhelming. A faulty handrail accident attorney in Florida can help victims seek damages.

An accident caused by a faulty handrail can be particularly complicated when someone else is at fault. For instance, when a negligent manager failed to warn visitors or when they neglected the handrail maintenance. In both cases, an experienced Florida premises liability lawyer can help.

Woman fallen down the stairs

Causes for Faulty Handrail Accidents According to a Florida Attorney

Handrails are an important and necessary safety feature in any stairwell, but they can also be necessary for showers or other slippery surfaces. They are specifically designed to prevent people from falling down and hurting themselves. But when they lack proper maintenance, a handrail can cause more accidents than it prevents.

Some of the most common accidents our attorneys handle from faulty handrails include:

  • Slips and fall accidents. A faulty handrail may provide inadequate support or stability and cause an individual to lose balance and fall, resulting in sprained ankles, broken bones, or head injuries.
  • Loose handrail grips. Handrails with broken or loose grips can cause people to lose their grip and fall.
  • Handrail collapse. Some faulty handrails may completely collapse, particularly when they are not properly installed or lack the appropriate maintenance. That can cause falls from stairs, balconies, or elevated platforms and result in severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injury.
  • Sharp or protruding objects. A faulty handrail may be broken and have sharp edges, protruding screws, or other hazardous elements that can cause cuts, lacerations, and punctures.
  • Inadequate placement. Handrails that are placed at inadequate locations or not installed at the appropriate height can pose risks to individuals, especially those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Since faulty handrails can come in all sizes and shapes, it is important to look for appropriate medical care if you are the victim of an accident. But it is also wise to hire an attorney to deal with the long-term consequences of your injury.

Do You Need a Florida Faulty Handrail Accident Lawyer?

You can present an insurance claim or civil lawsuit on your own; however, having an attorney by your side can have many benefits. For instance, your lawyer can conduct a private investigation and even access maintenance or construction reports to demonstrate a handrail was not in optimal condition for visitors.

But an experienced law firm such as Fasig | Brooks can also take care of the paperwork, appointments, and everything related to your legal claim while you take time to recover from your injuries. And in most cases, we can also answer all your legal questions for free in a strategic consultation.

How Faulty Handrail Accidents Happen

Most faulty accidents happen because of a landlord’s failure or a property owner’s negligence. But there are many other parties that can share liability for a slip and fall accident involving a faulty handrail. 

In order To recover damages, it may be necessary to file a premises liability lawsuit, but an experienced attorney can help you present an insurance claim, which can be faster and more convenient than fighting a legal battle for compensation in a Florida court

Most Faulty Handrail accidents commonly happen at:  

  • Gym locker rooms
  • Hotels and other touristic facilities
  • Movie theaters
  • Stores and Escalators
  • Public bathrooms
  • Vacation rentals (such as an Airbnb accommodations)
  • Concerts and sporting events
  • Theme parks
  • Nightclubs

However, handrails are necessary in every place with balconies and stairwells, so there are countless places where such accidents can occur. But in most cases, victims may be entitled to damages. Talking to your Florida faulty handrail attorney is the best way to ensure your accident gives you the right to pursue compensation.

Damages a Florida Faulty Handrail Accident Attorney Can Recover

Faulty handrail accident claims are premises liability claims since they are often caused by a premises owner or manager’s negligence. These claims can help the victims recover compensatory damages, which can be divided into economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages are all the financial losses and expenses a victim can suffer in an accident. In a nutshell, economic damages are everything that has a bill or receipt, such as medical bills, rehabilitation treatment costs, lost wages, or damage to property.

Non-economic damages are more complicated to pursue because they are meant to compensate the victims for losses that cannot be expressed in monetary terms. For instance, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or developing a psychological illness, such as anxiety, depression, or Post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Statute of Limitation for Faulty Handrail Accidents in Florida

It is important to discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney because you have a limited time to file a claim. Florida Statute of limitations for slip and fall injuries, such as a faulty handrail accident injury, is two years. That means you should present your claim within two years from the accident, or you can lose your right to claim damages. 

However, it is worth mentioning some circumstances can affect your time frame and even reduce it drastically. Your attorney can help you gather all the necessary information on time. But they may also be able to get an extension if your time is about to expire. Still, you need to talk to your legal representative as soon as possible.

Hiring a Florida Faulty Handrail Accident Lawyer

Faulty handrail accidents can be unexpected and cause severe damage to the victims. But talking to a Florida faulty handrail accident attorney can answer all their questions and help them navigate the insurance claim process. And if a court battle is necessary, your slip-and-fall accident lawyer is also ready to help.

Fasig | Brooks attorneys can develop a strategy to recover the damages you deserve, but we can also work for you on a contingency basis, which means you only have to pay after we recover compensation or a financial settlement for you. Contact our Florida Lawyers today and schedule a free consultation.