What is My Personal Injury Case Worth in Orlando, Florida?

As a personal injury attorney who meets hundreds of clients each year, one of the questions I most commonly hear from clients is, “What is my case worth?” The answer varies from case to case, and depends on several factors. These factors are so complex, most attorneys will defer answering this question until after a client finishes medical treatment and it’s time to begin settlement negotiations. Over and over, I have noticed how clients want and expect a straight answer about the value of their cases. Therefore, I’ve decided to initiate these blogs to help personal injury victims and their attorneys come to a better understanding of how to place a reasonable value on personal injury cases.

These blogs will cover the elements involved in assigning a value to a personal injury case. We plan to do a statistical analysis of reported cases, and to discuss how certain variables affect the value of a case. For example, one of our blogs tells you what the average herniated disc case in Orlando is worth, based upon a statistical sample study of 100 cases in the area. It also looks at the following variables to see how they factor into the ultimate settlement or verdict value:

– The severity of the impact

– Whether the herniated disc required surgery

– The age and gender of the plaintiff

– Whether the jury found the plaintiff to have a permanent injury

– Whether liability was disputed or the plaintiff was accused of comparative negligence

– The amount of past and future medical bills and lost wages

– Whether the plaintiff had credibility issues

– Whether the herniated disc was the only injury or compounded with other injuries

We will cover multiple topics from various angles related to the value of personal injury cases. For instance, we’ll do analyses of slip and fall cases as compared to automobile accident cases. We’ll do analyses of trucking accident cases compared to automobile accident cases. We’ll analyze negligent security cases, rape cases, and wrongful death cases. We will also look at various types of injuries which are commonly claimed, such as herniated discs, shoulder injuries, soft tissue injuries, complex regional pain syndrome, knee injuries, elbow injuries, and nerve injuries.

Over time, we expect to create a library full of blogs covering the value of all kinds of personal injury cases. I’ve chosen some attorneys in the Orlando area to whom I will start sending these blogs. If you would like to be taken off the list, please click here, and accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

If you would like to discuss the value of a particular case with me, please call me at (850)224-3310. Whether you are a fellow attorney or potential client, I am more than happy to help you place a value on your personal injury case.