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Distracted driving occurs when drivers take their attention off the road or their hands off the wheel. Lapses in concentration frequently lead to accidents, resulting in injuries and property damage in Florida. 

If a driver strikes you while not paying attention, you may have a chance to seek compensation. A Florida distracted driving attorney from Fasig | Brooks can step in to assist with your claim, helping you seek an insurance settlement or file a lawsuit. 

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Can You Seek Damages for a Distracted Driving Accident?

Over 400,000 people sustained injuries due to distracted drivers in 2020. If a distracted driver injures you, you might face high expenses, including healthcare expenses, that can leave you with a severe financial burden. 

Fortunately, you may have a chance to seek damages to cover these losses if a Florida distracted driving lawyer shows that someone else caused the wreck. Distraction alone doesn’t make a driver liable for your accident.

Instead, your lawyer must show that the other driver directly caused the accident. For example, an attorney may show that a distracted driver ran a red light or stop sign while looking at their phone, leading to your collision. 

What Compensation Can You Get With a Distracted Driving Lawyer?

Working with a Florida distracted driving attorney can help you seek coverage for your financial losses. Our team understands the possible damages for distracted driving cases, working to bring clients like you funds for: 

  • Your current and future medical bills 
  • Your lost wages at work
  • Your diminished earning potential
  • Vehicle repairs or a replacement for a totaled vehicle
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

We look into the specific losses you sustained as a result of your accident, taking steps to ensure you get full coverage for all expenses. Find out more about your possible funds by contacting us for assistance. 

What Services do Florida Distracted Driving Lawyers Offer?

A distracted driving attorney in Florida steps in to address all your legal needs following a collision. Depending on the facts surrounding your case, we adjust our services, adapting to your specific situation. 

We focus on the following: 

  • Determining who caused your distracted driving wreck in Florida
  • Gathering evidence to build your distracted driving claim
  • Recording all the losses a distracted driver caused 
  • Dealing with insurance agents for you
  • Reviewing your options to handle a distracted driving claim

You may decide to settle out of court with the distracted driver’s insurance company, allowing you to receive funds while avoiding legal fees. However, insurance representatives may refuse to offer fair damages in some situations. 

Your Florida distracted driving attorney may suggest a civil lawsuit in these cases. We’ll discuss recommendations that can allow you to Come Back Stronger when you contact us for help. 

Do Distracted Drivers Face Criminal Charges in Florida?

Florida has laws against certain forms of distracted driving. For example, the state prohibits texting and driving and the handheld use of electronic devices in certain areas. Therefore, distracted drivers may face criminal charges in some cases. 

The results of the criminal case will be different from your civil case. However, a distracted driving lawyer in Florida may use a criminal conviction to demonstrate that the other driver caused your wreck. 

Why Hire Us for Your Distracted Driving Case in Florida?

Our team believes in helping clients Come Back Stronger after an accident. We bring over a decade of experience to each case we take on, along with a firm understanding of Florida’s legal system and an aggressive approach to personal injury cases. 

We believe in open communication, answering your questions, and standing with you throughout the legal process. So we get started with a free consultation that allows us to review your situation and provide guidance. 

We’ve secured millions of dollars in compensation for clients like you. Find out more about how we can assist in your situation by contacting us today. 

Is There a Time Limit on Distracted Driving Cases?

Florida has a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including those associated with distracted driving accidents. Generally, you only have a few years to proceed with a case. However, it may benefit you to contact a Florida distracted driving attorney immediately. 

Getting fast help lets your lawyer gather evidence and speak to witnesses before they forget what happened. 

We can use the time to determine if another driver caused an accident due to distracted caused by a cell phone, eating, drinking, messing with the radio, or talking to a passenger. In addition to interviewing witnesses, we can get a copy of your police report and visit the accident scene. 

What do Distracted Driving Attorneys in Florida Charge?

Our team handles distracted driving accidents in Florida on a contingency basis, meaning we only take payment for legal fees once we either settle your claim or bring you a verdict in your favor. 

The contingency system helps you avoid legal fees after an accident. We understand the financial strain you may face after an accident and don’t want to add to your stress as we help you Come Back Stronger. 

Once we resolve your claim, the firm will receive a percentage of your financial award. 

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