Average Pain & Suffering Received by Plaintiff Compared to Other Economic Damages

One of the most important pieces of a case for an injured client is the reparations from the defendant for the client’s pain and suffering. Sure, they compensate for medical bills and other economic damages, but there’s always the component of the loss of enjoyment of a client’s life which stemmed from their injuries.

To determine the average amounts of pain and suffering given to a client in conjunction with the average amount of economic damages they received, we analyzed 665 cases which specified pain and suffering amounts and other economic damages amounts from 37 different case topics. These topics ranged from physical injuries such as a broke femur or amputated leg to psychological issues incurred by rape or racial discrimination. Through this analysis, we determined the average amount of economic damages awarded and the average amount of pain and suffering awarded per topic and as a total average of all the topics combined.

In total, out of all the injury topics we analyzed, we found an average award of economic damages of $389,487.85 and an average award of pain and suffering of $2,649,659.35. From these values, we calculated that economic damages constituted 13.73% of the award for pain and suffering. We also determined that pain and suffering had an average increase of 580.29% from pain and suffering, meaning that the percent of change between economic damages and pain and suffering wad approximately 580.29%

We saw a minimum value of $7,812.71 and a maximum value of $2,439,403.57 awarded for economic damages; we also saw a median, or middle, value of $118,551.93. For pain and suffering, we saw a minimum value of $41,279.85, maximum value of $217,262.55, and a median value of $217,262.55 for awarded for pain and suffering.

To see a list of all 37 injury topics and their comparison of economic damages and pain and suffering, please click here.

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