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Were you involved in a head-on collision in Florida? Unfortunately, these accidents often result in serious injuries, extensive property damage, and even deaths. Our team at Fasig | Brooks can step in to assist you after one of these wrecks, handling all your legal needs while you recover. 

You can contact us today to work with a Florida head-on-collisions attorney. Our team puts decades of experience into assisting clients like you. Let us focus on your losses, answering your questions, and providing legal support.

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Why Should You Hire an Attorney After a Head-On Collision in Florida? 

Hiring a Florida head-on-collisions lawyer provides you with legal support and help in your corner after an accident. Your lawyer answers any questions, keeps you on track, and ensures you hit all critical deadlines for your claim. 

Furthermore, working with a lawyer can help ensure you receive fair treatment in accidents:

  • That involve an injury 
  • That involve significant property damage
  • Where the other party disputes their fault for the collision 

Our team stands up for you, handling insurance agents on your behalf to protect the strength of your claim. Don’t admit fault for the accident, provide a recorded statement, or sign insurance paperwork before contacting our legal team. 

Who Receives Compensation after a Head-On Collision in Florida?

You may have a chance to secure funds after a head-on accident in Florida if another party owed you a duty of care, violated that duty, and directly caused your accident. In this situation, the other driver would be liable for your losses. 

A Florida head-on-collisions attorney can help if you or a family member sustained injuries in an accident caused by someone else.  

We can also step in to help if you lose a loved one. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), head-on collisions cause around 10% of all fatal accidents in the country. We provide compassionate care in this situation and help you understand wrongful death lawsuits. 

What Compensation do You Get for a Florida Head-On-Collision? 

If you got hurt in a head-on collision, you might have a chance to secure funds to cover your:

Medical Expenses 

Healthcare costs can quickly rise after a head-on collision in Florida. Our team can help you seek compensation for your: 

  • Emergency medical care
  • Stay in a hospital
  • Medical tests and procedures
  • Mediations
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation 

We look over all the specific costs you face, tracking them and guiding your claim. 

Lost Wages 

You may be unable to work in the aftermath of a head-on collision. We help you seek funds to cover your lost time at work and diminished earning potential if the accident left you with a disabling condition. 

Pain and Suffering 

Working with a head-on collisions attorney in Florida may allow you to seek payment for your pain, suffering, and mental anguish. We understand the lasting effects of these accidents and take your mental distress seriously. 

Property Damage 

Finally, many drivers receive funds to cover vehicle repairs and other forms of property damage after a head-on collision. Therefore, you can work with us to Come Back Stronger following your crash as we consider all your losses. 

What Services do Florida Head-On Collision Attorneys Provide? 

We deal with all aspects of your legal case when you contact us for assistance after a head-on accident. You can count on us to:

  • Answer your legal questions 
  • Handle insurance agents for you
  • Gather evidence about the causes of your accident 
  • Review all losses you sustained 
  • Negotiate to bring you a fair settlement
  • Represent you in court when applicable 

Your Florida head-on-collisions attorney personalizes the services you receive based on your unique needs. We begin discussing your situation with a free consultation that allows us to review the facts of your case. 

If we agree to represent you, we’ll stand with you until the final resolution of your claim. 

What Is the Average Settlement for a Head-On Accident in Florida?

Settlement amounts of head-on accident claims in Florida can vary significantly. Generally, the amount of funding you receive depends on the extent of your losses and your degree of fault for the collision. 

A head-on-collisoins lawyer in Florida can take steps to show that you were not at fault for the collision, protecting your compensation. 

How Much do Attorneys Charge for Head-On Accident Claims in Florida? 

Our team handlings head-on collision cases on a contingency basis, meaning we only take payment for our legal fees once we resolve your claim. After settling your case or resolving it in court, we receive a percentage of your financial award. 

You can discuss the charges for handling your claim with a Florida head-on collisions attorney. 

How Long do You Have to File a Head-On Collision Claim in Florida?

Florida has a statute of limitations for head-on collision cases. In most cases, you have a few years to move forward with your claim before the statute expires. However, it’s significantly more challenging to seek compensation for your losses once your time runs out. 

Therefore, you may want to start working with a head-on collisions attorney in Florida immediately after your wreck. You can contact us before leaving the accident scene for legal support and guidance. 

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