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You can secure legal help today from a Jacksonville hit-and-run accident attorney after a collision in Florida. Our team at Fasig | Brooks believes in providing full representation to all our clients, answering your questions, and helping you seek funds to cover your losses. 

We understand your stress after an accident with a driver who fled the scene. We’ll discuss your legal options if the police find the driver who struck you or if the driver gets away. 

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Do You Have Legal Options after a Jacksonville Hit and Run? 

Florida has one of the highest rates of hit-and-run accidents around the nation, with almost 25% of total collisions in our state involving a hit-and-run driver. According to AAA, the national average generally hovers around 11%. 

Therefore, many drivers in Jacksonville and surrounding areas must deal with the aftereffects of a hit-and-run wreck. In the aftermath, many drivers wonder if they have a way to secure compensation for their losses. 

Fortunately, you may file a claim with your insurance company for damages following a hit-and-run collision. If the police find the driver, you may also file a lawsuit. Review these options in more detail with a Jacksonville hit-and-run accident lawyer. 

Can You File an Insurance Claim after a Hit-and-Run Collision? 

Florida requires drivers to carry personal insurance for car accidents. Therefore, your Jacksonville hit-and-run accident attorney could help you file a claim for compensation with your insurance company. 

Some drivers decide to file a claim on their own. However, your insurance company is primarily concerned with its bottom line. Therefore, they may try to minimize the compensation you receive, even claiming that the accident did not cause your injuries.

Fortunately, you can work with a hit-and-run accident attorney in Jacksonville who knows how to handle the strategies used by insurance agents. 

What Damages do You Get after a Hit-and-Run Accident in Jacksonville? 

If you sustained injuries in a Jacksonville hit-and-run accident, your legal team might help you file an insurance claim to cover your: 

  • Healthcare costs, including emergency medical treatment
  • Lost wages at work
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering 

In addition to filing a basic claim with your insurance, a hit-and-run accident lawyer in Jacksonville may file a claim with your uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. However, we can only take this step if you had an uninsured/underinsured policy before your accident. 

Can You Sue Someone for a Hit-and-Run in Jacksonville, FL? 

Yes, you may have a chance to file a lawsuit after a Jacksonville hit-and-run accident. However, drivers only have this option if the police locate the driver at fault for your hit-and-run accident, which does not always occur. 

If the police find the at-fault driver, the individual may also face criminal charges. Your Jacksonville hit-and-run accident attorney can file a civil claim on your behalf, helping you seek additional compensation for your losses. 

Why Hire a Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney in Jacksonville? 

Working with a hit-and-run accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, can provide you with support and answers to your legal questions following a wreck. In addition, your lawyer can handle your legal needs, giving you time to focus on your recovery. 

Your lawyer can take steps to show that someone else caused your accident and track all your losses, making it harder for insurance agents to push a low settlement offer. 

Your Jacksonville hit-and-run accident lawyer can also monitor all deadlines for your claim, ensuring you move forward before the state’s statute of limitations expires. 

How does Our Team Help With a Hit-and-Run Case?

Our team at Fasig | Brooks handles every aspect of your hit-and-run accident case. We use our decades of experience to review the specific actions that led to your accident, focusing on establishing liability. 

We also track all the losses you sustained by reviewing medical records and your repair expenses. We use this information to build a claim to present to insurance representatives on your behalf. 

If the police find the driver that hit you, your hit-and-run accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, can aggressively represent you while seeking additional damages. 

How Long does a Hit-and-Run Claim Take in Jacksonville? 

The time to resolve your hit-and-run accident case in Jacksonville can vary depending on factors like: 

  • The severity of your injuries
  • Whether or not the police find the hit-and-run driver
  • The method you choose to resolve the claim 

Often, a Jacksonville hit-and-run accident attorney can settle a claim in a few weeks or months. However, it may take longer if your case goes to court. You can discuss possible timelines by contacting us today. 

How Much does an Attorney Charge for a Hit-and-Run Claim in Jacksonville? 

Our team handles hit-and-run cases in Jacksonville on a contingency basis. As a result, we only receive payment for legal fees if we can successfully resolve your case, providing you with compensation to cover your losses. 

We receive a percentage of your final settlement, so the charges for handling cases vary. We can discuss the costs of managing your claim when you contact us. We start helping clients by offering a risk-free consultation. 

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